U.N. Plan to Govern the Internet: CONTROL is Their Motivation and They have ZERO Tolerance for Christians or Conservatives

Of course – SOROS is tied to the U.N. Internet Governance:

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

clickOf all the articles I have written, this was possibly the most challenging.

On October 1, 2016, Barack Obama plans to hand off governance of the Internet to the United Nations.  Many are calling this a hoax.  Brethren, this is no hoax. It’s real and very disconcerting.  If I were not a child of God, and understand that all of these things must happen before the end, I would probably lose my sanity.

I want to encourage my brothers and sisters to not lose heart. My purpose in writing this is to warn you of things to come in the not far future; things that will drastically affect how you get (or not get) information on the Internet.

The United Nations has been trying to govern the Internet for many years:

During my research, I came across a wonderful Christian website called “Contender Ministries.”  The owners of this site –…

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