U.N. Plan to Govern the Internet: CONTROL is Their Motivation and They have ZERO Tolerance for Christians or Conservatives

Of course – SOROS is tied to the U.N. Internet Governance:

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

clickOf all the articles I have written, this was possibly the most challenging.

On October 1, 2016, Barack Obama plans to hand off governance of the Internet to the United Nations.  Many are calling this a hoax.  Brethren, this is no hoax. It’s real and very disconcerting.  If I were not a child of God, and understand that all of these things must happen before the end, I would probably lose my sanity.

I want to encourage my brothers and sisters to not lose heart. My purpose in writing this is to warn you of things to come in the not far future; things that will drastically affect how you get (or not get) information on the Internet.

The United Nations has been trying to govern the Internet for many years:

During my research, I came across a wonderful Christian website called “Contender Ministries.”  The owners of this site –…

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2 thoughts on “U.N. Plan to Govern the Internet: CONTROL is Their Motivation and They have ZERO Tolerance for Christians or Conservatives

  1. So many previously tried to dominate and rule the world. Will this lot succeed? What do YOU think knowing Hashem our G-D is the KING of the universe? When Yeshua comes He will reign for 1000.jrs as ruler of the earth (Rev 1:4-7) after which he’ll hand over to His/our Great and Mighty G-D and Father, all authority and power. (1 Cor 15:24-28) Remember 1 Sam 8:7 When Israel rejected G-D as their king for a earthly king. Shalom Brethren!! Maranatha!!


    1. I think that everything that is happening is God’s will to fulfill all that written. The NWO is coming, so I do believe that the U.N. will seize control of the Internet. It will be a sad day. I’m sure that websites like mine and like yours will be scrubbed and only their agenda will be promoted. But God is with us and He is allowing all of this. MARANATHA!

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