WARNING: What America Will Look Like Under a Hillary Clinton Presidency (Videos)


Since I may have only a month to utilize my freedom of speech before the U.N. takes control of the Internet – I will attempt to write warnings to those who would vote for Clinton. She is an enemy of America – much like Obama, but WORSE.

She will destroy our 2nd amendment by appointing uber liberal judges to our SCOTUS:


She will take down conservative websites. She said that Breitbart has “No right to exist.”  Although I personally do not use Info Wars as a source, I believe that they have every right to be on the internet:


Hillary Clinton has brain damage – stated by a top doctor:


Tucker Carlson on Hillary’s outrageous plans for over 50,000 Syrian refugees coming to America:


Hillary Clinton on Free Speech:


Hillary Clinton’s relationship with George Soros:


Hillary Clinton – Career Criminal:


Trail of dead bodies associated with the Clintons – names revealed:


Recent dead bodies associated with Hillary


Hillary Clinton and her anti Semitism and Hatred for Israel:


Hillary believes that Christians need to forsake their Bibles:


Hillary Clinton and George Soros – their “Shadow Government”


If you think that Barack Obama was toxic to our Republic – “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”

Obama and Clinton are puppets of George Soros. They are at his beck and call.  George Soros is a “World Agitator”  and his end game is the NWO. His agenda includes no more borders and Communism.  He wants to rid America of patriotism and nationalism. These are stumbling blocks to his ideology.

I have read that the powers that be in the U.N. have said that the only thing standing in the way of the NWO is  “An armed America.”

Trust me when I tell you that a Hillary Clinton presidency will ensure that we are “disarmed.”

Those who know me well, know that I am not a sensationalist.  This is truly happening, folks.

Please send this to the “useful idiots” who will vote for this woman with low or no information about her.

God may indeed place Hillary on her throne. This will be part of His judgment against America.

We are no longer the “City on a hill” to the world.  We are no longer looked to by nations under oppression. We are no longer feared by our enemies.

God’s will be done.  I am trying to be a watchwoman on the wall.  But everything that will transpire in the next few months will be allowed by our Lord. He IS in control, and we DO deserve His judgment for America’s egregious sins.

Brethren – keep looking up for our Redemption does indeed draw nigh.

Shalom b’Yeshua