Old Ellicott City Destroyed: God’s Wrath Cannot Be Stopped

flood oec

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I sang on a regular basis at a Christian Coffee House in Old Ellicott City on Main Street. It is about 10-15 minutes from our home.  It’s very historic.

Main street had antique shops, fine French restaurants, a Train Museum, famous bakeries and many other stores. It was a grand attraction for the people in Maryland, and many came from various places to visit.

But there was another type of store which was widespread in Old Ellicott City – New Age stores and many witchcraft stores.  When I sang at the “Upper Room” (name of the Christian Coffee house), we had a megaphone set up to reach the street. We wanted the unsaved to hear God’s message of Salvation.  Many new agers and witches would complain about the megaphone, but it stayed up nonetheless.

Last night, Maryland was hit with torrential downpours and violent storms. Our daughter called me this morning, asking if I had seen the news about Old Ellicott City.  She told me that Main Street had been destroyed by floods. She said that many people were missing and one confirmed dead. She sent me a few videos and some photos showing the force of the flood water carrying cars away, as if they were toys.  (Warning – there is some offensive language in the videos)


flood oec 2

flood oec

How long will God strive with evil before He must unleash his anger against it?

“And the Lord passed by before him, and proclaimed, The Lord, The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth” (Exodus 34:6)

But He does not hold back his anger forever.  Last night, Old Ellicott City saw the fury of our God.  My heart breaks for those who belong to Him, yet suffered such incredible loss.  This is heart breaking, but not unexpected.

I pray that this tragedy will bring many to their knees, and that they will repent and trust the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins.

I also pray for the  families who lost their loved ones; some of which will spend eternity in hell.  Many do not want to hear this, but it’s Truth from God’s Word. If you die without Jesus Christ as your Savior, there is only one place where your soul will live for all eternity, and that is hell.

How to be Saved


ZIKA VIRUS: Bill Gates Foundation is Behind Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Infected With Virus

Has anyone connected the dots that these GMO mosquitoes were released in Brazil where the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held?  Do you understand the global implications?

I am no conspiracy theorist. I vet and research everything that I write.  This is true, folks.  Did you know that Bill Gates’ father was a top Eugenicist and was at one time the head of Planned Parenthood?

Just How Sick is Hillary Clinton? What the Press is Not Telling You


Best video on the web about Hillary’s bizarre behavior, and how doctors are linking this to her head injury in 2012:

In December of 2012, Hillary Clinton suffered a severe concussion after an accident.     At the Benghazi hearings, we saw Hillary wearing thick glass lenses. Doctors have said that those particular lenses have prisms in them for people who are suffering with double vision.

From the Dailymail.co.uk

Bill Clinton reveals it took Hillary ‘six months of very serious work to get over’ her concussion after accident – so why did State Department claim that she ‘fully recovered’ a month later.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion and blood clot in December 2012, for which she was hospitalized for three days.
Karl Rove suggested last week that Hillary Clinton is hiding something about her health

On Tuesday Bill Clinton spoke out about his wife’s health and said ‘there’s nothing to’ the Republican’s claims.

Hillary’s concussion ‘required six months of very serious work to get over,’ Bill said. ‘It’s something she never low-balled with the American people, never tried to pretend it didn’t happen.’

But the State Department said less than a month after Hillary’s accident ‘she seems to be fully recovered’

So we read conflicting reports: One from Bill Clinton, saying that it took 6 months of hard work to help Hillary get over the concussion. The narrative which was given to the press was much different. They claimed that she was fully recovered just a month after the accident. – source

From Breitbart.com  from January 2016  (Quite long but filled with vital info)

Law Enforcement Officials, Medical Professionals: There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s disappearance from the debate stage last month left people speculating that the former First Lady took a long bathroom break, but now a law-enforcement source with inside connections is alleging that Clinton was missing from the stage due to health issues stemming from a previous brain injury.

These long-lasting symptoms stemming from a concussion and blood clot, according to a neurologist, suggest Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which can severely impact her cognitive abilities.

All that said, however, Clinton’s campaign maintained to Breitbart News that she is in good health and can serve as President of the United States.

“Strong source just told me something I suspected. Hillary’s debate ‘bathroom break’ wasn’t that, but flare up of problems from brain injury,” wrote John Cardillo on Twitter.

Cardillo, who previously worked as an officer who provided VIP security details for the New York Police Department (NYPD), told Breitbart News that he knows of two additional sources who have commented about Clinton’s health problems, which have even impacted her ability to walk to her car after delivering a speech.

“I got this from both a [federal agent] … and I also got it from a New York [NYPD] guy who worked security at a Hillary event in New York City,” Cardillo told Breitbart News, adding:

These are two people that aren’t just personal friends. I worked with one and then post law-enforcement worked with another on some related things. So, these aren’t anonymous people. These are good friends. Both of them told me the same thing, that after her speeches, whether she did a talk or a policy speech, she had to sit behind – she would come off the podium backstage – and have to sit and rest before making it back to the car because she was so fatigued, dizzy and disoriented.

Cardillo said these two security officials don’t know each other and do not live in the same state, but “their stories were almost identical.”

One of the men told him that Clinton was “very pale, kind of disoriented. He said she looked like she was about to faint. She was very pale, almost sweaty.”

Cardillo said one of the incidents occurred while she was Secretary of State. The event worked by the NYPD official was roughly a year ago.

Veteran Republican strategist Roger Stone, who previously worked with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, told Breitbart News that he has also heard about Clinton’s long-term health problems.

“A number of New York Democrats, very prominent, well-known, wealthy New York Democrats, told me last year that Hillary had very significant health issues and that they were surprised that she was running in view of her health problems and her lack of stamina,” Stone told Breitbart News. “So far, she’s run a very controlled campaign,”

“I don’t think she has the physical stamina to be president,” he stated. “I have no doubt that Marco Rubio won’t call her on it, but Trump certainly would.”

“We also know that in the emails, of course, Huma Abedin… says that she is easily confused,” Stone added, referencing Clinton’s close confidant Abedin comment in an email, “She’s often confused,” referring to Clinton.

Trump, Stone’s former boss, certainly hasn’t been shy in questioning whether Clinton has the “stamina” to be president.

“She goes out and she sees you guys for about 10 minutes, she sees you for a little while, it’s all rehearsed and staged,” Trump said in a recent interview on Fox News’ Media Buzz.

“They’ll pick a couple of people out of the audience that are like, you know, 100 percent. She’ll sit around a little plastic table, they’ll talk to the people for a while. It’s ridiculous,” Trump added. “And then she goes away for five or six days and you don’t see her. She goes to sleep.”

Neurologist Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., reviewed news reports of Clinton’s head injury in light of the recent information revealed from the security sources that are raising questions about her current health status.

Kassicieh, who has run his own Sarasota, Florida, practice for 20 years, is a board-certified neurologist and the medical director of the Florida Headache and Movement Disorder Center. He is a doctor of osteopathic medicine, which is similar to a medical doctor but can involve at a minimum of 100 more classroom hours of specific training. That additional training is focused on the osteopathic—or the musculoskeletal system—aspects of medicine. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology (FAAN) and a Fellow of the American College of Neuro-psychiatrists (FACN). Kassicieh is a registered Republican in Sarasota, but his purely medical analysis is troubling for Clinton.

“They were trying to poo-poo this off as a minor concussion, but I would just say that reading it and trying to take all the politics out of it, and just read it purely from a medical standpoint,” Kassicieh explained:

Considering the point of what happened with Hillary over this time period… the timeline… and then what has happened here more recently… the break at the debate, I saw that and even the commentators that were sitting there made a comment that, ‘Gee, that seems awful long for a break.’ Just looking at it from a neurological standpoint, the risk factors for developing post-concussion syndrome, one of them is age, and she was 65 when this happened… just from a physiologic standpoint that’s an older individual. Being female is a risk factor for post-concussion syndrome as well.

“For someone who has treated many post-concussion syndrome patients and that’s what I really believe she’s suffering from based on reading these reports and reading what’s happened,” Kassicieh said. “I think she has latent post-concussion syndrome, and I can understand that as a politician they would want to be covering that up.” He stated:

I would say as a neurologist having seen many post-concussion syndrome patients that I would not want a president who I knew had post-concussion syndrome being president because their super high-level cognitive abilities are clearly impaired and even their routine multitasking high-stress abilities are affected because post-concussion syndrome patients in general don’t tolerate even moderate work, stress-related environments.

Kassicieh added that if suffering from post concussion syndrome, Clinton’s symptoms could appear “well beyond a year” after her concussion.

“A transverse sinus thrombosis [blood clot] is a rare condition of a clot forming in the venous sinus cavities surrounding the brain,” Kassicieh told Breitbart News, referencing an ABC News report from 2012 that detailed Clinton’s head injury and blood clot following a fall. He explained:

These venous sinuses drain blood out of the brain. The [injury] incidence is only about 3 per 1,000,000 adults. The transverse sinus is less commonly affected than the main sagittal venous sinus. The cause of transverse sinus clots is not well understood although trauma and dehydration have been described as risk factors. Mrs. Clinton suffered from both.

Dr. Nicholas C. Bambakidis also analyzed the facts for Breitbart News. He is the director of cerebrovascular and skull base surgery, and the program director of neurological surgery at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and a professor of neurosurgery and radiology at the CWRU School of Medicine in Cleveland,

“These types of clots are usually formed spontaneously without an obvious cause,” Bambakidis said in an email:

They can be associated with dehydration, a predisposition to blood clotting disorders, are more common in women and may be associated with oral contraceptive medication, severe head trauma, brain surgery, or infection. If untreated, they can progress and lead to bleeding in the brain or swelling, and a stroke or even death. The treatment is generally anticoagulation and treatment of any underlying cause.

Bambakidis said that if treated early and quickly, there are no longstanding issues with a person’s health.

“Typically, if caught early and treated adequately (as seems to have been done in this incident) there is a full recovery without any consequences (normal cognition, memory, etc),” he said.

Dr. Jane Orient, the executive director of the politically conservative Association of American Physicians and Surgeons also reviewed the 2012 ABC News report about Clinton’s concussion and blood clot. She said she thought the ABC report appeared medically accurate.

“Factors predisposing to clots include air travel, dehydration, hormones, immobilization as during surgery, blood abnormalities, cancer,” Orient said. “Concussions can cause long-term damage including cognitive problems, even when standard studies including CT or MRI look normal.”

“Not saying Mrs. Clinton has any of the above–just speaking generally and hypothetically,” she clarified.

One former member of Orient’s group is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), an ophthalmologist. He was a member of AAPS for more than 20 years before his election to the U.S. Senate. He is now also running for president on the Republican side in 2016.

Neurologist Kassicieh agreed with Orient about the possibility of Clinton suffering from long-term cognitive symptoms.

“Concussions in older adults can be more serious, resulting in a condition known as post-concussion syndrome. This condition can be characterized by symptoms of persistent dizziness, complaints of memory difficulties, forgetfulness, loss of ability to focus on complex tasks or concepts and indecisiveness,” Kassicieh explained. He added, “Latent depression and overt anxiety are also common in this condition.”

Kassicieh noted that although a Clinton spokesperson told the press that Clinton “got over this quickly,” another ABC report quotes former President Bill Clinton saying that his wife’s injury “required six months of very serious work to get over.”

“Other reports in the same article show an interesting timeline for Hillary over the next several months, showing that she was not fully functional in her capacity as [Secretary of State],” Kassicieh added:

As a neurologist, I would interpret these and more recent events involving Hillary as possibly showing signs of post-concussion syndrome. This condition could have serious impact on the cognitive and intellectual functioning of an individual, particularly a high level job as [President of the United States].

Dr. Drew Pinsky, nationally syndicated radio talk show host heard on KABC radio “Dr. Drew Midday Live,” also spoke to Breitbart News about Clinton’s health and explained that experiencing symptoms for more than a year after a head injury is very serious.

“In my clinical experience, it’s very common for them to have six months and even up to a year of exercise intolerance, and sort of [needing] frequent rest, and can easily get overwhelmed,” he said of head injury patients. “But after a year, that’s something else.”

He said symptoms like Clinton’s, as an elderly person in her 60s, “are very serious.”

“Those are not trivial symptoms,” Pinsky stressed:

If my patient came in with that, the first thing I would do is put them on a treadmill. I would get a sleep study, make sure they don’t have sleep apnea. I would do all sorts of metabolic studies and make sure there wasn’t something metabolic. I would actually do some extensive cancer screenings. Why is this person suddenly having exercise intolerance?

Pinsky added that if Clinton is overworking herself, “I hope she has a medical team attending to her.”

Breitbart News sent a detailed set of questions regarding these questions raised by law enforcement and medical professionals to Clinton’s campaign.

The specific questions sent to Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Clinton, include:

1.) Does Secretary Clinton have difficulty with fatigue, dizziness and being disoriented? Does she have difficulty after speeches and during debates continuing for lengthy periods of time–or for instance walking back to her car after events?

2.) Is she suffering from latent post concussion syndrome?

3.) Is she being completely honest with the public about her health? Does she have a clean bill of health?

4.) Is she able to conduct high level cognitive abilities on the same level she has been able to throughout her life? Is she able to conduct routine multitasking high stress abilities on the same level she has been able to throughout her life?

5.) Does she have or did she have a transverse sinus thrombosis, or blood clot?

6.) Is she capable of serving as President of the United States with these conditions and symptoms?

7.) Has she done tests with a doctor on a treadmill? Has she gotten a doctor-supervised sleep study? Has she worked with a doctor on metabolic studies? Has she gotten cancer screenings?

8.) Does she have a medical team attending to her? What are the details of that?

In response, Merrill told Breitbart News that Clinton’s doctors have already answered the questions in Clinton’s health statement.

“These questions are all addressed in her health statement,” Merrill told Breitbart News, referring to a letter from Clinton’s doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack—the chair of internal medicine at the Mount Kisco Medical Group in New York.

The letter, labeled a “healthcare statement” and dated on July 28, 2015—which was released along with Clinton’s tax filings—is two full pages long and includes a complete description from Dr. Bardack clearing Clinton as fit to serve as president.

“This letter summarizes the health history and current medical evaluation of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” Dr. Bardack wrote. “I am an internist and the Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the Mount Kisco Medical Group in Mount Kisco, New York. I have served as Mrs. Clinton’s personal physician since 2001, during which time I have been involved in all aspects of her healthcare.”

The letter states that Clinton is a “healthy 67-year-old female whose current medical conditions include hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies.”

“Her past medical history is notable for a deep vein thrombosis in 1998 and in 2009, an elbow fracture in 2009 and a concussion in 2012,” Dr. Bardack continues.

“In December of 2012, Mrs. Clinton suffered a stomach virus after traveling, became dehydrated, fainted and sustained a concussion,” the doctor wrote:

During follow-up evaluations, Mrs. Clinton was found to have a transverse sinus venous thrombosis and began anti-coagulation therapy to dissolve the clot. As a result of the concussion, Mrs. Clinton also experienced double vision for a period of time and benefitted from wearing glasses with a Fresnel Prism. Her concussion symptoms, including the double vision, resolved within two months and she discontinued the use of the prism. She had follow-up testing in 2013, which revealed complete resolution of the effects of the concussion as well as total dissolution of the thrombosis. Mrs. Clinton also tested negative for all clotting disorders. As a precaution however, it was decided to continue her on daily anticoagulation.

The letter continues by detailing her current medication list, which includes Armour Thyroid—a hormone used to treat an under-active thyroid– plus various antihistamines, Vitamin B12 and the blood-thinner Coumadin.

“She was also advised in 1998 to take Lovenox, a short-acting blood thinner, when she took extended flights; this medication was discontinued when she began Coumadin,” Dr. Bardack continued:

Her Coumadin dose is monitored regularly and she has experienced no side effects from her medications. She takes no other medications on a regular basis and has no known drug allergies. She does not smoke and drinks alcohol occasionally. She does not use illicit drugs or tobacco products. She eats a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruits. She exercises regularly, including yoga, swimming, walking and weight training.

Dr. Bardack noted that Clinton’s family history also complicates matters: her father “lived into his 80s and died after having a stroke” while her mother “lived into her 90s and passed away after having congestive heart failure.” One of her brothers—it’s not clear whether it’s Tony or Hugh Rodham, according to this letter—“had premature heart disease,” Dr. Bardack wrote.

“Due to her family history, she underwent a full cardiac evaluation, which was negative,” the doctor wrote. “She had a coronary calcium score of zero and a normal carotid ultrasound.”

She’s also had cancer screenings: “Her routine health maintenance is up to date, and has included a normal colonoscopy, gynecologic exam, mammogram, and breast ultrasound.”

She had a physical on March 21, 2015, which revealed, according to Dr. Bardack, that Clinton was in top-notch health.

“In summary, Mrs. Clinton is a healthy female with hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies, on long-term anticoagulation,” Dr. Bardack wrote. “She participates in a healthy lifestyle and has had a full medical evaluation, which reveals no evidence of additional medical issues or cardiovascular disease. Her cancer screening evaluations are all negative. She is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Clinton’s own campaign manager Robby Mook wouldn’t commit during a mid-June 2015 interview on CBS’s Face The Nation to release Clinton’s full health records.

“I will let Hillary decide that,” Mook replied when John Dickerson asked him if Clinton would release her full healthcare records. “But I can tell you she has been hitting the campaign trail hard.”

The letter from Clinton’s doctor—not her full healthcare records, but just a mere statement—came after that Mook interview. – source

From breitbart.com

Hillary Clinton Sought Damage Control Advice from Roger Goodell after 2012 Concussion

Hillary Clinton aides called upon NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and former Republican Senate Leader Bill Frist for media messaging advice after the then secretary of state sustained a concussion from a fall she took in December 2012.
“I reached out to both the Nfl commish [Goodell] (I remembered that his dad held your Senate seat) and Bill Frist,” Phillippe Reines emailed Mrs. Clinton. The Daily Beast found no evidence of the commissioner, whose father succeeded Robert Kennedy in the Senate before William F. Buckley’s brother Jim unseated him, responded. Goodell, pilloried in the new Concussion movie, continues to weather his own public relations struggles over mild traumatic brain injuries.

Clinton, hospitalized for a blood clot in her brain due to her injury, postponed a meeting with a Benghazi congressional hearing evoking accusations by some critics that she suffered from the “Benghazi flu.”

Two deputy secretaries replaced Clinton to testify before that committee instead. The committee was called to investigate the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The Daily Beast reported Republican political consultant and deputy chief of Staff during the George W. Bush administration Karl Rove claimed earlier that the blow to the 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner’s head may have caused brain damage, making her unfit for president. Rove later walked back his comment.

Yet, new revelations reported by Breitbart News on Wednesday suggests that Rove’s initial comments may indeed be credible. One neurologist in the report postulates that Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which may undermine her cognitive abilities.

Sometime after the concussion, the Beast reports Clinton noted in an email to one of her aides Philippe Reines that, “Having a cracked head is no fun at all.” Husband Bill Clinton acknowledged that it “required six months of very serious work” for Hillary to mend from the ordeal.

Reines admitted that he reached out to Commissioner Goodell and Senator Frist for help “to undermine the John Boltons and Laura Ingraham’s of the world” for “belittling” the former Secretary’s health. He asserted that he would not let “these comments stand, no matter who says them.”

Frist, GOP Senate Majority Leader from 2003 to 2007, representing Tennessee stated, “I love her and respect her and I can help. Not sure how exactly [but] I know I can help. I will Keep all Confidential.”

The Senator was not alone in expressing his concern for Clinton after her head injury. Democratic strategist James Carville, according to Clinton confidante Sid Blumenthal, was “very upset” by the episode. Moreover, ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife, retired CIA spy Valerie Wilson offered her “best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.”

Hillary Clinton told NBC journalist Dianne Sawyer in a 2014 interview that there were “No lingering effects” from the concussion. -source

Is it not obvious to people who are keeping themselves up on these events in Hillary Clinton’s life, that this woman is in NO way well enough to become the President of the United States?  Do we want someone who obviously has traumatic brain injury to be the one who can press the big red button which will send nukes around the world?

I think that answer is obvious to us all.

Please pass this article around to people who are considering voting for this woman.



CHRISTIANS: ‘Love One Another’ is a Commandment From Jesus- Even During Elections

Love-One-Another 55

I am writing this article with the heaviest heart I have had since I was born again in 1983.  What I am witnessing in the body of Christ is not only appalling, it is making our enemy, the devil, leap for joy.  Satan is the father of lies and author of confusion.  He accuses the brethren night and day before our God. He is watching as we tear one another apart; sever relationships with one another, and fall out of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ – over this election.

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.   (Emphasis mine)

 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death” (Revelation 12:9-11).

We have heard “Vote your conscience” over and over.  I take that to mean “Vote for the person that you feel God wants you to vote for.”

We are not in heaven yet

We Christians are still on earth and we are in this flesh which wars against our spirit every minute.  Paul talks about that:

“For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good.

Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.  For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.

 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin”(Romans 7:14-25).

The battle which is happening in the body of Christ

Last night I saw this anger welling up on a FB thread. My friend and brother in Christ, Chaplain Bill Herrmann (he gave me permission to use his name), was the person who posted the update which caused many Christians to post their views. Discussing these things is productive and the right to do. But what I saw happening was not a discussion – it was a war.  Some people were level headed and articulated their thoughts – others were attacking.

We are to love one another

This was not a suggestion from our Lord Jesus. He commanded that we love one another.

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:34-35).

Notice that Jesus said that by  this love we have for one another, all men will know that we are His disciples.

Vote your conscience or stay home or write in your candidate’s name.  If you have gone before God and asked Him to help you make this decision, then do it, with all gratefulness to God.


There is absolutely NO way that I can write to you that it is acceptable to cast a vote for this woman. Her record speaks for itself, and anyone who truly belongs to the Lord Jesus, would not even give a thought to voting for her.

She not only pushes abortion and Planned Parenthood, but she believes in partial birth abortion. She received the ‘Margaret Sanger’ award. If you don’t know about Sanger – put her name in my Word Press search box, and you will read about this monstrous woman.

I have written numerous articles filled with facts about Hillary’s criminal past. You can go to my Word Press and type in Hillary Clinton to see any of these articles.

In conclusion

I have said this on a few occasions and I will say it again.  I believe that God is going to allow Clinton to win. Why? Because she is who we deserve. I believe that our country is under judgment by God for our egregious sins. We have become another Sodom and Gomorrah.

Let’s not tear one another apart. If we want to discuss – let’s discuss. No condemnation; that is from the enemy of our souls.  Peaceful and honest discussion is how the Lord would want us to behave.

Agree to disagree IN LOVE.