A Miraculous Gift from God: His Assurance to me that He is the Messiah of the Jewish People

Spoke with a brother about tongues today, and the Lord brought this article back to me. I felt that He wanted me to reblog this……..

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


This story makes my heart leap inside my chest whenever I tell it. Being Jewish, it was miraculous enough that the Lord opened my eyes to Jesus, and helped me see Him with my heart. But what transpired a couple of weeks later was truly a gift from Him.

After the glorious night of my salvation all I wanted to do was read my Bible. I honestly forgot to eat meals sometimes because I was so absorbed in His Word. I wanted to please Him in every way. Almost instantly I knew that He wanted me to stop doing certain things. I had an aversion to off-color TV shows and movies. Soap operas were gone forever, and I had been addicted to them for years.

I saw the world differently. It was like He gave me new vision, like I was seeing people through His eyes. I wanted to stop…

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