Qaddafi Warned Tony Blair of Coming ISIS Invasion: Obama Ordered Qaddafi’s Murder

Just thought we needed a reminder about Obama and his “Arab Spring” – He did create ISIS by destabilizing the Middle East and arming the “rebels” who are really” ISIS.” I can just see BO in the situation room, watching his boys decapitating Christians. I know he wants that to be happening in the U.S. as well……..

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


The puzzle pieces of the “Arab Spring” keep falling into place. This picture is now truly coming into focus,  and we are seeing a more sinister roll that Obama played in it than anyone imagined.

I will attempt to show the reader that Barack Obama had a plan from the beginning to destabilize the Middle East, and to oust leaders who were not fundamentalist Islamists, and replace them with leaders who would instate sharia law in every Arab nation.

Newest revelations:

From the American Thinker:

“Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi warned the West about the Islamic extremists in the months before his murder by a mob. In a series of phone calls, Gaddafi told Britain’s ex-prime minister, Tony Blair, that the Libyan unrest was because of “[a] campaign of colonization; we have to defy the colonization.”

And he predicted that after North Africa was overtaken, the radical Islamists would go after Europe. Gaddafi’s…

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