Turkey’s Military Coup Against Islamist Erdogan Fails and Obama is Celebrating


Remember the Arab Spring?  Watch the video below to clearly understand that this uprising was no spontaneous event. It was orchestrated by Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros.  Their goal is very simple:  They want all Middle East countries to be ruled by Islamists like Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Secular governments must go!

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Obama Orchestrated the Arab Spring and Failed

The attempted Military Coup in Turkey

As this attempted coup was taking place in Turkey to overthrow the Islamist government of Erdogan, Obama made a statement that he backs this “Democratically elected president” of Turkey.  Of course he does!  Erdogan is an Islamist and he has increased his power in Turkey in the last few months.

What many people do not understand is that the constitution of Turkey is not Islamist. Erdogan has been chipping away at the country’s constitution, in hopes that his ideologies and sharia law will eventually prevail.  Sound familiar?

From usnews.com

Obama: All parties in Turkey should support Erdogan gov’t

President Barack Obama is urging all parties in Turkey to support the democratically-elected government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In a statement issued after a meeting with his national security advisers, Obama also urged everyone in Turkey to show restraint and avoid violence or bloodshed.

Members of Turkey’s armed forces declared hours earlier that they had taken control of the country as explosions, gunfire and a reported air battle between loyalist forces and supporters of the coup erupted in Ankara, the capital. Erdogan called on the Turkish people to flood the streets in a show of support for his embattled government.

Turkey plays a key role in the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group. American jets use its Incirlik air base to fly missions against the extremists in Syria and Iraq.

Obama discussed the developments by telephone with Secretary of State John Kerry, who was traveling in Moscow for separate meetings with senior Russian officials on Syria.

In a separate statement, Kerry said the U.S. viewed the “very fluid situation” in Turkey with the “gravest concern.” – source

I am attempting to show the reader a pattern of behavior from the BHO administration.  I fear that many are not connecting the dots.

Obama is very closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization. He works closely with them in his striving to unseat secular leaders in the Middle East, and replace them with Islamists. He failed in Egypt when Mohamed Morsi was taken down by a military coup and jailed, along with all members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Obama and Hillary Clinton went into Libya and ordered the murder of Qadaffi (without Congressional approval) it was because Qadaffi ran a secular government. Qadaffi changed through the years, and was not a credible threat to the U.S. or Israel.  In Obama’s eyes – he had to go.

From Businessinsider.com

The failed coup in Turkey presents a ‘great opportunity’ for ISIS

The failed coup against Turkey’s president will have ripple effects that extend far beyond the borders of the country.

An uprising within NATO’s second-largest military — and the one that’s closest to ISIS’ center of power — spells trouble for the international fight against the terrorist group, experts say.

Friday night, a faction within the Turkish armed forces calling itself the “Peace at Home Council” said they had seized power, taken over the government, and declared martial law. They deployed forces onto the streets of Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey’s largest city and capital, respectively, and closed two major bridges leading into Istanbul.

A Turkish national intelligence spokesman said the coup attempt had been “repelled” and “defeated” by early Saturday morning. At least 260 people were reportedly killed in the clashes, according to Turkish officials, and more than 2,000 soldiers across the country have reportedly been arrested.

Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan called the attempted coup “an act of treason,” and vowed that the plotters would “pay a heavy price” for their actions.

“One of the key members of NATO will now face a severe crisis in its military, and this will have severe repercussions on NATO’s strength and fight against ISIS,” Aykan Erdemir, a former member of Turkish parliament and current senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told Business Insider on Saturday.

“Turkey is in a lot of turmoil and many officers [are] now under arrest. It’s a great opportunity for the PKK” — a Kurdish militant group waging an insurgency in Turkey’s southeast — “and ISIS to take action because this is probably the weakest the Turkish military has ever been in the history of the Turkish republic.” -source

From Reuters:

Obama urges rule of law in Turkey, U.S. seeks to resume air operations

Obama urges rule of law in Turkey, U.S. seeks to resume air operations

Erdogan has cooperated with Washington in the fight against Islamic State, but relations have been rocky with U.S. officials criticizing his increasing authoritarianism, Turkey’s support for Islamist opposition groups fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the slow pace in sealing Turkey’s border with Syria to foreign fighters. – source   

Trust me when I say that Erdogan is NOT to be trusted. I believe that his true feelings about ISIS would shock the world.  He is very deceptive. Remember “taqiyya.”

We grow closer and closer to the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war. I believe that Brethren, I have connected the dots, and it is clear to me that our president is an Islamist himself – or at least an Islamist sympathizer. will play an integral part in this Bible prophecy. The destruction of Israel is at the heart of all of this evil.

Pray that we have elections this November. Many know that I sincerely feel that America is under God’s judgment. I have said this numerous times in my writings.  All that is happening is part of His judgment. We have become a Sodom and Gomorrah.

God please help us. We know that the ones who belong to You are safely in Your hand.  That does not mean that we will be kept from violence. It means that if it is our time to come home, we will be with You Lord in heaven.


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  1. Sadly this would only embolden the President’s Neo-Ottoman’s Islamists agenda…the round up thus far seems to be targeting those who disagree with him even if they aren’t involved in the plot.

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