Only In America Could a Career Criminal Run For President (VIDEO)


No words of mine could adequately expose Hillary Clinton better than this video. It has gone viral – over 4 million hits; and yet she remains the front runner for the Democratic ticket for the presidential election.

Whatever happened to the FBI investigation of Emailgate?  It has disappeared, just like all of the scandals of Clinton; dirty politics at its finest.

Please share this with anyone you know who is determined to vote for this woman.





2 thoughts on “Only In America Could a Career Criminal Run For President (VIDEO)

  1. A flippen disgrace!! At whose door do we lay all the bloodshed in the Arab world dew to US and Europe’s unjust(?) involvement/interference since 1990? At least there were less bloodshed before the Iraqi so called intervention. The Arab’s political way of governance in the Arab world changed for the worst! And now I understand how such damage came about. Corrupt politicians throughout the western world. Oh that Jesus would come and take possession of His throne and govern righteously. Maranatha!! . . . . soon!

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