A Miraculous Gift From God: His Assurance To Me That He Is the Messiah Of the Jewish People


This story makes my heart leap inside my chest whenever I tell it. Being Jewish, it was miraculous enough that the Lord opened my eyes to Jesus, and helped me see Him with my heart. But what transpired a couple of weeks later was truly a gift from Him.

After the glorious night of my salvation all I wanted to do was read my Bible. I honestly forgot to eat meals sometimes because I was so absorbed in His Word. I wanted to please Him in every way. Almost instantly I knew that He wanted me to stop doing certain things. I had an aversion to off-color TV shows and movies. Soap operas were gone forever, and I had been addicted to them for years.

I saw the world differently. It was like He gave me new vision, like I was seeing people through His eyes. I wanted to stop every person I saw and ask them, “Do you know Jesus?” I was even able to discern people who loved Him. It was a certain look in their eyes. When I would finally ask if they knew Him, the answer was almost always, “Yes” and if not, it gave me an open door to tell them about Yeshua and His love for them.

My Jewish parents and siblings were not so thrilled. Well, perhaps that’s an understatement. They thought I was completely meshugana (crazy in Yiddish). But I quietly treasured in my heart that I knew the truth, and I prayed that my family would one day know it as well.

A week before my water baptism, I spoke to a lady at a Messianic congregation in Maryland – Beth Messiah. I was very excited to know other Jews who knew the truth about Messiah Yeshua. She was as excited as I was. She asked me if I had looked at Isaiah 53. I had not, but I told her that I would look after our conversation. She told me that she would mail to me literature about Beth Messiah.

Isaiah 53. OY! How did I miss that for so many years? It was an accurate description of Yeshua being led to Calvary to be slaughtered for the sins of the world. I read it over and over. I could not believe that such a picture of the Crucifixion was in my Old Testament that entire time.

I wanted to obey Him in all things. My friend told me about baptism, and how He wanted us all to be baptized after we were born-again. I told her that I wanted to be baptized—the sooner the better. Then the day of my baptism came.

As I came up from the water, I uttered some words which I did not understand. I felt that God wanted me to remember these words so I kept repeating them quietly to myself. The next day I received an envelope from Beth Messiah. There was a cover page which told about the congregation. I saw the first words which I had said “H’brit Chadashah” on this page.

My heart was beating so fast. Beside the words was the translation: “The New Testament.” I realized that I had spoken Hebrew! I was not Bat Mitzvah’d -only confirmed in my synagogue, so I did not learn Hebrew.”Then I saw the next word I had said “Yeshua” which means Jesus.

But the last word I had said was not there. It was “mannah” and I had to know what it meant. I called the home of my rabbi. His wife answered. I told her who I was and that I found a word and thought it was Hebrew. I told her it was “mannah.” She said, “Of course that is Hebrew. It is manna, the bread from heaven.”

Well, I almost passed out. I had said in Hebrew: “The New Testament of Jesus is the bread from heaven!” What a glorious gift to receive from Him; a confirmation that what I believed was TRUE, and given to me in Hebrew.

I told a Baptist minister this story. He told me that in 38 years of hearing “tongues” stories, mine was the first one he believed. He said that it was done in accordance with Scripture. He told me that he would never forget it.

All things are to glorify God and edify the Body of Christ!

Amen and Amen!

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      1. I visited Beth Messiah a couple of times, but my home church with my now late wife, for 22 years while I lived in the DC area, was Ohev Israel in Newington. My late wife (BJ) used to work in Sid Roth’s mail room before she started attending Ohev, and before Sid moved his ministry to Brunswick GA. Sadly, Beth Messiah ended up dying out as a congregation quite a few years ago. and last I heard, Ohev was being Pastored by Michael Rudolf, who was formerly with Beth Messiah. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve visited Ohev…I’m currently living in Houston TX with my current wife, abortion survivor Carrie Fischer, but we really have a strong desire to move back to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee where we were married 6 years ago September 22.
        Thanks for sharing your awesome Baptism testimony!!

  1. Praise God Almighty ! I too have had many “experiences” with people trying to “force” the gift of tongues on me that always left me in a state of confusion. It was even suggested that I stand before a mirror while holding my tongue and practice! Played harmonica in the Church band, jumped through all the hoops and finally just excepted that the gift just wasn’t meant for me. I will NOT pretend to be “spiritual”
    This is finaly a story concerning this gift that I believe is real!
    God Bless you Geri …

  2. Oh . . . it’s awesome Geri. When you said you could not get enough of scripture, you did not have to say more. I knew you would be guided and teached by the Holy Spirit. You’re so privileged and believe me, that so-called tongues I heard the past decades, could never convince me. Your tongues is a beautiful description. Glory! Just this Rev 3:11 “I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so no one will take your crown”. What a blessing you are to us. Maranatha!!!

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  4. Wow! That is also the first REAL tongues account I have heard that rings true with me, too. And at what a time… and what an unforgettable confirmation!

    Thanks so much for sharing this again. I would have missed it otherwise!

  5. What a wonderful, true, story of your batisimal gift!
    Tongues always confuses me. And, I have a friend who says, with tears, that she has asked for this gift, but never received it. It just does not seem “right” when we are praying, etc., for people to click their teeth, mutter (sometimes loudly) strange sounds…that are not other languages (tongues). It always gets me off kilter…making it hard for me to pray and worship. And, the condemnation is awful! Paul said it was a “least” gift, if I remember correctly, so Why put all this emphasis on it? I, for one, want to Know What I am saying and praying!!!!

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