New study links left-wing extremism with psychopathy and narcissism

And maybe…….Just maybe it was made much worse by the so-called Pandemic, Mandatory Lock Downs, Masks and Toxic Experimental Jabs!

Ya think?


We had just noted in a post yesterday about how you never hear the term “far-left” — from Democrats to the media … even from Republicans. The media’s focus is always on the “far-right wing,” or the “ultra-MAGA conservatives.” The Atlantic just informed us that Twitter is now a “far-right social network.” AOC has said we need to protect Drag Queen Story Hour from the “far-right,” while no one said a word about the far-left militia members who brought AR-15s to protect an “all-ages” drag brunch in Texas.

A new study has been published about left-wing extremism, and it links it to psychopathy and narcissism, which is not a shock.

Alex Mitchell reports:
Left-wing extremism is linked to toxic, psychopathic tendencies and narcissism, according to a new study published to the peer-reviewed journal Current Psychology.

“Based on existing research, we expected individuals with higher levels of left-wing authoritarianism to also report higher levels of narcissism,” the authors wrote.

As result of the new data, study authors Ann Krispenz and Alex Bertrams have coined a new term for such psychological behavior: the “dark-ego-vehicle principle.”

“According to this principle, individuals with dark personalities — such as high narcissistic and psychopathic traits — are attracted to certain forms of political and social activism which they can use as a vehicle to satisfy their own ego-focused needs instead of actually aiming at social justice and equality,” they told PsyPost.

That certainly makes sense to us. Trying all summer to burn down a federal courthouse gives some sick meaning to your otherwise empty life.
And vandalizing pro-life displays and threatening reporters with a machete.
Exactly. Dems and the media treat them as “centrists” just trying to do the right thing for everyone. Source



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  1. Yvonne Knickerbocker

    Sorry, I know many people don’t like it when this is pointed out, but far-leftism is actually VERY demonically inspired.

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