DEAL WITH IT! Words of NYC Mayor EricAdams Telling Outraged Parents to Deal with Adult Migrants Living in Public School Gyms


New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) says outraged parents will have to deal with border crossers and illegal aliens living in their children’s public school gyms for the time being.

As Breitbart News reported, Adams has started carrying out a policy that converts a number of public school gyms into migrant shelters with potentially hundreds of border crossers and illegal aliens living on campuses as school children are attending classes.

Outraged parents and students protested on Tuesday outside some of the schools where Adams has started housing migrants, including PS 188 in Coney Island and PS 17 in Williamsburg, providing them with free food as recess is cut for students.

“Our children deserve to have the academics … how are they going to do that when our kids are having to worry about who they are around? We’re going to get hurt. And our teachers as well are having to suffer because now they are stuck in the position where they can’t even get our kids help,” one parent said.

Adams, in a statement, shrugged off the protests and effectively told parents that they will have to deal with their children sharing school campuses with newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens.

“This is one of the last places we want to look at. None of us are comfortable with having to take these drastic steps,” Adams told NY1 News:

Each gym, the 20 gyms that we are looking at, we have not made a final determination on all the gyms, but that we are looking at are separate from the actual school buildings. They are independent from the school buildings.
[Emphasis added]

Likewise, in a separate statement, Adams warned that “every city service” meant for New Yorkers will be impacted by waves of border crossers and illegal aliens arriving in the sanctuary city, though he defended that policy.

“We have [been] a sanctuary city for over 40 years, and when you think about … the law that was put in place or the agreement that was put in place, no one anticipated having 4,200 people come in one week to the city,” Adams said.

Since the spring of 2022, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other governors have bused over 60,000 border crossers and illegal aliens to New York City. The cost to New Yorkers, by the middle of next year, is expected to hit $4 billion. Source

NYC is nearly unrecognizable today when compared to the great city which was once under Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He cleaned up the streets of lawlessness that was rampant in those streets. This is a perfect example of how a city can be transformed when it is led by a Conservative mayor!


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  1. Typical demoncratic “business model”. We make the mess & you have to clean it up or make do on ur own & if we don’t like how u “deal with it” then we will shut u down, fine u, put u outa biz, jail time, cut ur subsidies, increase ur taxes, seize ur assets, kids & bank accounts.

    You the citizen & ur kids are the govt’s property. If u don’t like it then leave. Our new grateful immigrants will vote our way cuz they are dependent on us & unmitigated tyrannical power over u is our prime directive. We will bring you to your knees. Deal with that!

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