Stuart Varney: Biden is setting up the ‘greatest wealth transfer in history’

Crooks and Criminals everywhere!


During his latest “My Take,” Monday “Varney & Co.” host Stuart Varney warned Biden’s proposed wealth tax is a “setup,” arguing the socialist wing of the Democrat Party is laying the groundwork work to “seize your money” by demanding successful Americans hand over a portion on their wealth to the government.

STUART VARNEYThis is a setup. A warning of the ugliness to come. “The greatest wealth transfer in history is here, with familiar (rich) winners.”

That’s the New York Times, the bible of the left, laying the groundwork for the seizure of your money. 

They don’t think it’s fair that older people are rich. Baby boomers, 60 to 80 years old, have accumulated $78 trillion, mostly in real estate and stocks.

Don’t kid yourself. You didn’t make it by hard work, drive, brains, and good judgment. 

No, as the Times says, you made it, in part because of “years of housing discrimination and a lack of access to financial tools and advice for people of color.”

Since the vast majority of baby boomers with money are white, their white children and white grandchildren will inherit the money, thus continuing racial inequality

It’s a setup for a wealth tax. The socialist wing of the Democrat Party, demands that you add up the value of all your stocks, bonds, houses, businesses, and even artwork. 

Then, you will have to fork over a portion of that wealth, every year to the government. It doesn’t matter whether your investments are up or down. Just having money is the excuse to take it off you.

They don’t respect success. Think about this. You’ve saved and invested. Done the right thing. Worked hard and plan to pass along what you’ve made.

You’re a successful American. Stand up and demand the respect you deserve.  source

Hey Uncle Joe……….the time is NOW – TURN OR BURN!! And that is no threat – it’s a promise from God Almighty!



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  1. Eric H. Bowen

    They’re doing this already. It’s called ‘inflation.’ Sounds like they want an even bigger bite…👿

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