4 thoughts on “Global Governance: The Great Reset and the End of Sovereignty – With Stephanie Cox- Alex Newman – Jordan Schachtel and James Roguski

  1. Carol

    I just heard Alex Newman speak at a meeting of the John Birch society, I feel so privileged to have attended. He truly has a handle on so many levels of what is happening today and how we have gotten here.
    The John Birch society I wasn’t familiar with other than in a derogatory way from a former neighbor of mine and like so much of the truth that is being vilified the JBS has been vilified. I highly recommend all freedom loving, God fearing citizens to get in touch with this organization and enlist in this spiritual battle that is being waged against us on this earth. I know this world is not our home but we are to occupy until he comes. Come quickly King Jesus!

  2. Carol

    Will do Geri. I also learned at the JBS meeting that the members who have been in the organization for years feel Alex is the modern William Jasper. From what I’m learning Jasper was an icon in the JBS for years. The history of the man John Birch is pretty incredible itself. A missionary who became a valiant war hero in WWII

    1. And the LEFT have smeared the name of the John Birch Society, so that anyone who hears that name, automatically thinks it is extreme and violent. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I should do an article on that!

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