CHAOS IN ISRAEL: Netanyahu to Address Nation as Israel Paralyzed Amid Judicial Reform Protests


Follow the developments as furious Israelis take to the streets in response to Netanyahu firing his defense minister

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Yoav Gallant Sunday over his opposition to proposed judicial reforms, bringing Israelis out into the streets in their tens of thousands during the night.

The Histadrut Jewish labor federation announced a general strike on Monday, with universities throughout the country also joining in.

Protesters breached barriers set up by police to prevent them from coming close to the prime minister’s residence on Gaza Street in Jerusalem, while in Tel Aviv tens of thousands blocked the major Ayalon highway.

Police deployed water cannons against the spontaneous demonstrators in Jerusalem, with tear gas reportedly used on the main highway connecting Tel Aviv with Jerusalem as protesters stopped traffic.

These demonstrations manifested in cities throughout the country. Into the early hours of Monday, placing doubt in the coalition’s ability to pass the contentious measures.

March 27, 2023

11:13 AM

Ben-Gvir’s party confirms postponement of reforms

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir’s Jewish Power Party have said in a statement that the judicial reform legislation will be postponed until the summer 10:23 AM

PM urges supporters to counter-protest

While the nation waits for Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the ongoing crisis, the head of the Likud Party is reportedly urging supporters in WhatsApp group chats to join the right-wing counter-demonstrations in Jerusalem.

Ben-Gvir in a statement: “I agreed to remove the veto for the postponement of the legislation, in exchange for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment that the legislation will be brought to the Knesset for approval in the next session, if no agreements are reached during the recess.”09:27 AM

Israel Hotel Association announces wave of cancellations

The Israel Hotel Association has announced a wave of cancellations of reservations by individual tourists and businessmen from abroad, mainly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

“This is against the background of geopolitical uncertainty in Israel and the fear of escalation. The closure of the National Highway will increase the trend of uncertainty and cancellations.”09:18 AM

 115,000 people protesting in Jerusalem

Israeli police have estimated that over 115,000 people are currently protesting on the streets of Jerusalem 

Smotrich continues support for judicial reforms

In a video statement, Israeli Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich has declared his continued support for the judicial reform legislation. 

“Friends, under no circumstances should we stop the reform to fix the judicial system and strengthen Israeli democracy.”08:54 AM

Ben-Gvir calls for support for counter-protest in Jerusalem

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir has called on his supporters and those in favor of the judicial reforms to a rally being held in Jerusalem.

“We call on the entire right-wing camp to come to Jerusalem today in order to make it clear that our voice is no less important.

In order to make it clear that we will not give up our democracy and we will not allow a recruited group that has lost all restraint and sanity to hijack the people’s decision.

Today the right wakes up. Today everyone comes to demonstrate.”08:51 AM

High Court rejects petition to declare Netanyahu unfit

Israel’s High Court of Justice has announced that it has rejected a petition to declare Netanyahu unfit to serve as prime minister.07:32 AM

Prime Minister Netanyahu calls on protesters in Jerusalem to refrain from violence

“I call on all the demonstrators in Jerusalem, on the right and the left, to behave responsibly and not to act violently. We are brotherly people,” Netanyahu tweets in his first comment on the unfolding situation today. 

23 flights canceled in Ben Gurion so far
The Ben Gurion Airport spokesman says that 23 flights have been canceled so far but that the number will increase later in the day. Today, 73,000 people are expected at the airport and 428 planes. Many of them might not take off due to the general strike against the judicial overhaul.
Allenby crossing used by Palestinians to travel to Jordan closes due to general strike
Palestinian reports say the Allenby crossing to Jordan is closed due to Israeli customs workers joining the general strike against the judicial reform.
Sources in Netanyahu’s office say he considers holding referendum on judicial reform – report

Unnamed sources close to Israel’s prime minister tell media that Benjamin Netanyahu is considering holding a referendum on the judicial overhaul. 

06:05 AM
Justice Minister Yariv Levin says will respect ‘any decision’ by Netanyahu regarding judicial reform

“As a member of the Likud faction, I will respect any decision that Prime Minister Netanyahu makes regarding legal reform legislative procedures. This is with the knowledge that a situation in which a person who is honest in his eyes will do may immediately lead to the fall of the government and the collapse of the Likud,” says Levin, who is one of the main initiator of the reform. 
“We must all make an effort to stabilize the government and the coalition,” he adds. 

05:43 AM

Israelis heading to Jerusalem to protest in front of the parliament

05:15 AM
Sacked Defense Minister Yoav Gallant agrees to remain in office if Netanyahu changes his decision – report
Gallant allegedly says that “since the security of Israel is most important” for him he will agree to remain in office if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “changes his decision on the structure” of the judicial reform. 
05:03 AM
McDonald’s announces it’s closing its venues in Israel due to general strike
04:34 AM
Israel’s MK Simcha Rothman tells i24NEWS army shouldn’t be dragged into political debate
“We cannot accept this kind of riots or taking the army into the political debate,” he says.

Right-wing groups call for pro-reform protests in front of Israel’s Parliament

Right-wing groups call on supporters of the judicial reform to protest against its possible halt on Monday evening in front of the Israeli parliament building in Jerusalem. 04:10 AM

Shopping malls announce shutdown in protest against judicial reform

Azrieli malls across the country along with Tel Aviv’s Sarona market announce they are shutting down and joining the general strike against the judicial reform. 03:41 AM

Israel’s Opposition Leader Yair Lapid calls on coalition to ‘start national dialogue’

“I call on Netanyahu, cancel the dismissal of Yoav Galant. The State of Israel cannot at this time, in the face of the risks in all arenas, afford to change the Minister of Defense,” Lapid says in his address. 

“We don’t have to break up. There are solutions. I call on the coalition, let’s go to the president’s house, let’s start a national dialogue that will end up with a constitution based on the Declaration of Independence, and a country where we all live together with love and mutual respect,” he adds. Source

Psalm 122:6 ~ “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee.”

There will not be true peace in Jerusalem until our Yeshua Comes!!