Whitaker to Newsmax: Charges Against Trump Will Backfire

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The American people will see through any indictment of former President Donald Trump as a “political prosecution” and it will backfire as he will only become more popular than ever, former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said on Newsmax Sunday. 

“Everyone knows that it’s not just Donald Trump,” Whitaker said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “They’re trying to get all of us [in] conservative America.”

Trump on Saturday used his Truth Social account to announce that he expects to be arrested Tuesday in a case through the office of the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and called on his supporters to protest in a Truth Social post Saturday.

Bragg’s office has been presenting evidence to a grand jury investigating a $130,000 payment that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, had made to adult film performer Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, who said she had an affair with Trump. He has denied the affair happened. 

The payment is said to have taken place near the end of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. If the payment was not properly accounted for, it could result in a misdemeanor charge of falsifying business records, but if the false accounting was done to cover up a crime such as a campaign violation, the charges could escalate to a felony. 

Whitaker, though, said the case is ultimately weak, and based on his experience, he believes the case against Trump has been prioritized because Bragg, backed by liberal funder George Soros, has been brought in “by the left to do their dirty work.”

“There’s a seat of facts that is very weak,” said Whitaker. “It’s based on the testimony of a convicted felon together with a former adult star…it’s really going to be a sad day if this can happen.”

Prosecutors, he added, use judgment to determine if cases should move forward. 

“Obviously there are more crimes and certainly more alleged crimes” than can be investigated or prosecuted,” he said. 

Whitaker added that he does not doubt that the case is being brought so that it can be used to benefit President Joe Biden in a rematch against Trump in 2024. 

“Prosecutors are known to be stone-cold killers,” said Whitaker. “If they have a case, they’re going to bring it. They looked at this exact set of facts, and they determine no crime has been committed and they didn’t prosecute that crime.”

But in the case of Trump, “obviously the person that committed the campaign finance violations was Michael Cohen, and they prosecuted him, and he pled guilty to those charges, in addition to a bunch of other charges unrelated to Donald Trump,” said Whitaker. 

And as far as Bragg is concerned, “he is doing the bidding of George Soros and the over-left to try to hamstring Donald Trump,” said Whitaker. “I don’t think it’s going to work.” Source


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  1. Sounds kinda like the Dreyfus Affair “was a political scandal which divided France during the 1890’s and early 1900’s. It involved the wrongful conviction of a Jewish military officer Alfred Dreyfus)1859-1935) for treason….”
    New World Encyclopedia
    Has some similarities to the Trumped-up charges we are reading about now.

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