TRANQ: Skin-rotting drug ‘tranq’ Infiltrates Big Cities: ‘Zombifying Bodies’


There’s a new drug in town — and it has deadly consequences.

Xylazine — otherwise known as “tranq,” “tranq dope” and “zombie drug” — is wreaking havoc in major cities across the country with its devastating effects: It can literally rot the user’s skin.

The substance, which seemed to first appear in Philadelphia before migrating west to San Francisco and Los Angeles, was used for cutting heroin, but, most recently, it has been discovered in fentanyl and other illicit drugs.

While approved by the Food and Drug Administration for veterinary use, xylazine, a non-opioid, is not safe for humans, and those who overdose on the drug do not respond to naloxone, or Narcan, the most common overdose reversal treatment.

Xylazine causes sedative-like symptoms, such as excessive sleepiness and respiratory depression, as well as raw wounds that can become severe and spread rapidly with repeated exposure. The crusty ulcerations, which can become dead skin called eschar, can result in amputation if left untreated.

Because it is not listed as a controlled substance for animals or humans, “tranq” lands in a confusing and horrifying gray area — and hospitals rarely test for it with routine toxicology screenings.

A homeless person in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, where “tranq” has saturated the city. Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

“Tranq” is worrying medical experts as its presence in other drugs rises.Getty Images/iStockphoto

Last month, one Philly user suddenly developed xylazine-specific wounds near her opioid injection sites.

“I’d wake up in the morning crying because my arms were dying,” Tracey McCann, 39, told the New York Times.

Flesh-eating drug ‘tranq’ meant for animals now linked to thousands of heroin, fentanyl ODs

The city reported that 90% of lab-tested dope samples from 2021 contained xylazine, which can increase the risk of overdose when combined with other illicit substances. 

But the lethal combination of substances is what gives xylazine its appeal — the high of the opioid, such as fentanyl, is extended with the help of “tranq.”

“It’s too late for Philly,” Shawn Westfahl, an outreach worker with Prevention Point Philadelphia, told the Times. “Philly’s supply is saturated. If other places around the country have a choice to avoid it, they need to hear our story.”

People with substance use disorders who get hooked on the zombifying drug believe the emerging substance killed “any kind of joy” that came with getting high.

“Tranq is basically zombifying people’s bodies,” Sam, 28, told Sky News. “Until nine months ago, I never had wounds. Now, there are holes in my legs and feet.”

The worrying “tranq” trend comes as the New York City Department of Health reported that 2,668 New Yorkers died of overdoses in 2021. Experts warn that xylazine could worsen the ongoing drug epidemic. 

An outreach worker said it is “too late” for the city of Philadelphia, where “tranq” is reportedly widespread. Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Xylazine was found in 90% of drug samples tested in Philadelphia in 2021. Homeless people gather (above) in Kensington.Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Dr. Gary Tsai, the director of substance abuse prevention and control with the LA County Department of Public Health, believes the drug’s prevalence “would increase deaths from overdoses.”

“The main concern is we’re already amid the worst overdose crisis in history, nationally and locally,” Tsai told the Los Angeles Times.

According to a 2022 report, xylazine has been discovered in 36 states. In New York City alone, the drug was found in 25% of samples, per the Times.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco Department of Health announced that low levels of xylazine were found in the systems of four people who overdosed, suggesting that the substance can be hidden in drugs unbeknownst to the users.

“It’s possible that it’s more out there,” warned Tsai. Source

Brothers and sisters in Christ, this broke my heart. Please share this with friends and family. We must let people know that this is happening among the homeless in 36 states!

Homelessness is at an all time high in our cities and many of these people are using “Tranq” completely unaware that this is like a flesh-eating virus!

God please help these people. Please drawn them to Yourself.



9 thoughts on “TRANQ: Skin-rotting drug ‘tranq’ Infiltrates Big Cities: ‘Zombifying Bodies’

  1. robinlinaz

    Every day we are seeing new, and more horrifying, examples of the fallen state of our world. Heartbreaking, stupefying and relentless evil is growing, and we are still here helping to restrain it. Unimaginable what is coming upon the earth soon…as our redemption draws nigh.

  2. Janine

    That is soooo sad! I feel for these hurting people. How terrible their lives must be. I pray they find hope and peace in Jesus.

  3. Eric H. Bowen

    I’m remembering Back To The Future Part II: “You got a little tranked, ma’am. Be careful in the future!”

    It was supposed to be FICTION…!

  4. This is for those who think drugs are for fun. Get on drugs & you play with the devil. You may even have realized it by now. He wants to control you thru addiction. He wants to steal your future accomplishments thru addiction, then destroy whatever future you may have left & then kill you & without JESUS it will destroy your eternal future.
    John10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and might have it abundantly.

    The devil hates your guts because the devil hates the loving God who created you for a good & productive life. The devil can’t kill God but he can kill those made in His image & likeness who are people. BTW is life still good for you now playing around with the ultimate evil one? If the sinless One, Jesus, stood over your shoulder when you do drugs how do you think that would impress the holy One?

    Maybe you are young, full of confidence & smart. The future is bright. You can be anything you want. Unlimited choices ahead of you.
    You say, “I can handle this stuff.” Or may “It’s just for fun & my friends are all ok with it”. “We’re not stupid.” Yeah right friend, you’re not playing with firecrackers but dynamite. The devil is just waiting to ambush you at the right time for you to be overwhelmed with one of life’s problems & call the good old local dealer for some synthetic & maybe deadly “help”. There’s always that chance to OD or get some bad stuff but remember you’re the smart one so it’s not likely. Pass the dynamite please.

    Are you dumpster diving yet? Are you homeless & living hand to mouth? Did drugs cause you to lose your family? How about the good job or flourishing business you once created? Do you have any or all the diseases associated with drug use, shared needles or various STD’s yet? How long has it been since you looked presentable in public or shaved & showered like you used to do? Has your purpose in life been reduced to 2 goals? Get high & getting your next fix? How are your grades in school? You in trouble with law? You still stealing your drug money, especially from those you used to love? You have a record with the law now? Do you have prison sentence awaiting you because of a serious crime committed to get your precious drug money? Did you finally kill someone over those cursed drugs? Aren’t you tired of this life yet? When did you last dumpster dive & root around for some food or dare to go to your high school or college reunion? What do you say when old friends or classmates ask of your present occupation or is it rumor or common knowledge now? Is this the future you always envisioned for yourself?

    Admit it, you don’t run your own life any longer…the addiction does, not you. You probably tried to stop, maybe many times but nothing works for long. One day a rough patch in life comes along & it’s another toughie. You need to smooth it out maybe with a little hit or fix or whatever you call it. A distant memory of a good old zombie like anesthetic feeling comes back to you like that old friendly dog who nestles up to your leg wanting to be your pal except the old dog will leave of its own accord when you ignore him. The drugs will not. They always do their zombie job on you but it seems to require larger doses or a different hotter “new” drug to get that same high as time goes on. You have to use the needle now. You can’t ignore your body’s craving because of that terrible thing called “withdrawal”. You may have realized by now the drugs have you & own you but you are too smart to admit it. Your body develops an insatiable dependency on them & without them it can drive you mad. The devil is laughing & celebrating over your destruction. The devil loves to watch you do things once unimaginable. You once thought only bums, creeps, dregs of society & homicidal maniacs did those things. Have you arrived there yet?

    When will you cry out to JESUS to save you?
    Luke 1:37 NOTHING is impossible for God.
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    Cry out to Him, your Creator & tell Him you want Him to save you & you want to serve Him forever & you want Him to deliver you from the drug culture & devil’s grip, never to return & depend ONLY on Jesus for His solution & guiding your life.

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    John 3:16 is the simple statement of faith that YOU must initiate. You must mean it.
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