From the Desk of Dale Vernon:

EVIL IN OUR MIDST: Democrats Ditch the US Flags and Wear “Abortion” Pins Instead to SOTU Address

When these murderers of the unborn & their supporters face Jesus at the Great White Throne, maybe the Lord will show them the faces of each baby they killed but now alive & well in His kingdom. Then He will show them how each of these babies suffered in the womb, writhing in pain, trying to wiggle & kick themselves free of the instruments of death as best they can while trying to cry out to their mothers for the protection they deserve & is THEIR RIGHT as a human being who is at their most vulnerable stage of life. But help never comes. The decision had been made…gruesome tortuous, death to the most helpless of the helpless. Then maybe Jesus will show the abortion lovers the fiery hell that awaits them & that same pain in spades with no relief for an eternity. 

Save the critters, save the climate, save the earth but kill your own child, your offspring. There’s even legislation ongoing to make it lawful to kill your kid AFTER it’s born. Have you also considered your child will be dismembered inside your God given life giving womb but now turned into your child’s torture chamber from hell? Your dead baby could then be sold for parts & the unsaleable parts of your child goes in the dumpster as garbage. Is that what you think of God’s gift of life He has given you to protect & nurture? That’s the body of your baby. That is NOT your body & never was. Thanks be to God Jesus was given to a Godly Mary as His mother not a Molech worshiper. 

How do you know the outcome of that life within you? Maybe you are killing a great preacher who leads many to Christ, a great leader who brings our nation back to God & common sense, great inventor or whatever. The world has many needs & your abortive actions do not contribute to any of those needs, except maybe your own selfish motives. You are not God nor an authorized executioner
of criminals.

God made people in the image & likeness of Himself. Not critters. People have more value than critters to God. God gave us critters for food & sacrifices to Himself for our sins in the Old Testament but we were to NEVER sacrifice our children for ANY reason thruout the Bible. Thou shall not kill. They are to be loved, cherished & raised in the ways of the Lord according to Biblical teachings. Children whether born or not are not to be treated like the cheap, plastic, disposable junk you buy at Wallymart & toss in the garbage. 

Even mothers of critters will fight to the death for their young. What’s wrong with you mommy? Why would you even entertain such evil thoughts? God loves life because He is the source of life. Look to Him for Godly answers & wisdom. The blessings from Him will follow IF you follow Him.

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  1. Amen! This abortion stuff really gets me riled up 😤. Evil as it can be. But a school shooting and it’s all about the kids then to take away weapons. Isn’t odd that the safest place for a beautiful baby should be in the womb? Now it’s become the most dangerous. Sick sick and sick.

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