4 thoughts on “What Makes You Think It’s from China?

  1. Ok we admit it. We are the dummy population & at the mercy of our corrupt media & govt. So we have to think along the lines of what has been presented as truth & THEN read between the lines to get the most evidentially supported logical conclusion with alternative media’s help.
    1. Our corrupt govt & lapdog media yadas on about it being a CCP balloon.
    2. We the people seem to know the ID of most of our enemies unlike our govt. China qualifies as it bullies its way thruout the world.
    3. Enough news leaks out as to how China treats its own citizens. In a word..terribly & Satanic.
    4. We know that because the commies don’t value life. That’s the history of the commie butchers people “management” system..oppression. They hate our guts & we are in their way to world domination.
    5. What other govt qualifies as in “hate index” of the USA? Russia? They lack the $ right now being busy with the Ukraine. Besides their fellow devilish buddy (China) is willing to do the same dirty work for them.
    6. I am sure the WEF has a role to play but China isn’t easily bullied & has a bigger interest in the military aspect. They have much experience in crushing people. WEF in my opinion is more the economic, cultural & social takeover experts. China only knows how to bully & crush. Remember the WEF has cited China’s “crushing model” as the present supreme system for bringing about “change” ie enslavement. Each will use the other.
    7. The foregoing are a few reasons I
    believe the spy balloon is China’s. I

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