ELON MUSK on Booster: “Felt like I was DYING for several days”

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Elon is a smart guy (not spiritually) but smart. We should be praying for his Salvation!

I think that perhaps he went on an aspirin regimen after he started to feel like he might be dying. I wonder why more people do not go on the aspirin regimen – after reading the MANY ‘Died Suddenly‘ stories, especially about young, fit athletes!



7 thoughts on “ELON MUSK on Booster: “Felt like I was DYING for several days”

  1. Miss Geri, I am not so sure that aspirin would help. Dr. Bryan Ardis is again stating that what is in the injections are different venoms, that are resistant to the body breaking them down, or any anti coagulants being able to break them down. And that the i jections cause your body to manufacture the venoms, that continue to make you sick.


  2. ve5mirhotmailcom

    I’m wondering if Elon actually even got the shot. He once posted that his children wouldn’t be allowed it. As many are stating, he’s very intelligent and a self admitted “researcher”. Should we suspect that he didn’t research this one? Well, if he later dies we can confirm that he wasn’t all that smart after all.

  3. Jim V.

    I honestly don’t believe Elon. If I remember correctly that he wouldn’t allowed his children get jab. I think Elon is/was playing the game with the public. Elon made a comments about the booster, then why didn’t the elite shut him up? Come on give us a break. We aren’t dummies. I don’t trust Elon Musk. He is a part of the Globalists.

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