LGBT Organization to Give Gift Cards to Kids Who Attend ‘Advocacy Workshop’

Dispicable and EXACTLY what we expect from these people


A pro-LGBT organization in Oregon will provide gift cards to 8th through 12th grade students who attend an LGBT advocacy training workshop. 

Southern Oregon Coast Pride advertised their upcoming Curry County Youth Leadership and Advocacy Workshop in a Facebook post. “The workshop is open to all youth in Curry County who are in 8th-12th grade,” the post explained. 

The training, which is set to take place at a public library later this month, will feature “conversations about what leadership and advocacy mean” as well as “what cultural humility is” before then discussing bullying. 

The post reads, “Participants will receive gift cards for attending!” It also notes that “throughout the day there will be many opportunities for youth to define terms for themselves and explore ways in which we can advocate and be allies to each other.”

Meanwhile, the registration survey asks participants to list their racial or ethnic background, whether or not they identify as “LGBTQIA2S+,” what school they go to, and what grade they are in.  

Southern Oregon Coast Pride explains that it seeks to “create safe spaces and build a multi-generational community of support for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies.”

The organization runs a number of different programs, including a “gender affirmation closet,” where kids who are attempting to change their sex can receive breast binders, “breast forms,” and “packers,” which are used to create the appearance of male genitalia. The program is open to those between the ages of 13 and 24.

The organization also offers assistance to those who want to change their legal name or undergo vocal coaching as part of their sex change attempt.

Southern Oregon Coast Pride also runs weekly meetups where they “often support local and state-wide efforts to establish LGBTQ+ safe spaces in schools.” Source

Creating “safe spaces” is a crock! They are simply recruiting and capturing the minds of young people. Having to ‘bribe’ the kids with gift cards shows the depth of depravity of these people.

This is devilish!


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    What in the heck does the above letters and number mean? What it represents is reprobate minded people that God has left to their demented ways. What is tells me is, unless you repent you are doomed for Hell! I wonder how many students will be affected by this degenerated organization? These poor students. Praying God’s protection over all these children.

  2. julieg777

    I am sick and tired of these degenerates going after innocent children and trying to recruit them into their sickening lifestyles. They are predators!

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