Pilot Group: Elites Secretly Demanding UNVAXXED Pilots, Flight Crews

Report cites many officers who have collapsed after taking shots

They know……….OF COURSE THEY KNOW!!

From wnd.com

The chief of an organization of pilots assembled to battle corporate demands for COVID shots says now the elites from around the world are demanding their charter jet flight crews NOT be vaccinated.

According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, it was Josh Yoder, president of US Freedom Flyers, who said wealthy businessmen have reached out to the organization seeking unvaxxed pilots and crew.

It was a social media statement that assumed it was the world’s wealthy going to the World Economic Forum who wanted those specialized crews, but Yoder quickly corrected that.

“Click bait journalism is a scourge. I never said that the WEF/Davos has reached out looking for unvaccinated pilots. What I did say was that wealth6y businessman have reached out to me for that purpose….”

The Gateway Pundit added, “Alan Dana, a former pilot for Jetstar, a Singapore-based airline, went on ‘Maria Zeee Uncensored’ last week and revealed that wealthy businessmen were actively seeking out pilots who had not received the vaccine.

The Gateway Pundit noted it has documented extensively on cases in which pilots either collapse, or even die, while flying, creating an extreme danger for crew and passengers.

While proof that the collapses are due to the COVID shots hasn’t been documented, many others who have gotten the shots – like athletes — also have collapsed after taking the experimental shots.

“The elite seeking out unvaccinated pilots serves as yet another example why we should judge people primarily by their actions rather than words,” the report said. Source

This wicked wicked world! God’s judgment is coming soon!


5 thoughts on “Pilot Group: Elites Secretly Demanding UNVAXXED Pilots, Flight Crews

  1. U can bet the hotshot elites have reserved a supply of unvaccinated blood for themselves as well. Also these same crudballs will wear out their organs from all the booze, drugs, illicit sex stuff etc. Wonder where the unvaxed transplant organs will come from since the wonderful RNA vax brew goes everywhere in the body. Maybe that’s why they need all our dna info.The little gods think they’ll live forever. They are absolutely correct they will live forever & with a new body that will burn brightly with every cell transmitting the flaming torture w/o relief eternally in the Lake of Fire! Too late will they figure out, ya reap what you sow.
    “Safe & effective” will have a new meaning for us. We that are in heaven will be “safe” in the arms of our precious Jesus. Our enemies will all be “effectively” put out of commission for eternity..no more trouble, tears or persecution. Maranatha!

  2. Mmmm..interesting! I have been enjoying watching the Left Behind original movies. I was thinking one would be wise to use an unbelieving pilot. Sooo what a quandary!! Glad I’m not going anywhere but up!!

  3. Jim V.

    see…see….see. they knew, they knew!!!!!!!! Cover up the death. I can’t wait they, elite going to facing Lord Jesus Christ God Almighty at Great White Throne Adjustment.

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