If You Thought December’s Arctic Blast Was Bad, Something Much Worse Could Be Barreling Toward America

From westernjournal.com

A blast of arctic weather has Siberia in a deep freeze that some forecasters say could come to North America within a week or so.

The Siberian town of Zhilinda hit a low of 79.8 degrees below zero Fahrenheit Tuesday, setting a record for January, according to The Washington Post.

The reading was Siberia’s lowest temperature since 2002 and was accompanied by other weather stations that show readings of 76 degrees below zero or even lower.

Temperatures are about 50 degrees Fahrenheit below normal and closing in on all-time records,  according to climate expert Maximiliano Herrera.

Zhilinda’s all-time low was was 82.3 degrees below zero. Russia’s record low is 89.9 degrees below zero, which was set in  February 1933.

In recent days, the town has not seen the temperature rise above 58 degrees below zero.

Last month, one forecaster noted that Siberian freezes are often a signal that America will be hit next.

AccuWeather is now predicting colder weather for North America beginning Saturday, Jan. 21, with a more drastic drop in temperatures starting Monday, Jan. 23.

“The connection of cold air from Siberia to western North America will spread east later this month, first arriving in the Rockies and Plains then breaking into pieces as it comes east,” said Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather’s lead long-range forecaster.

December’s wave of cold produced a record-setting snowfall in Buffalo, but forecasters said it is too early to tell what the next wave of cold might bring.

“This storm will have to be monitored closely to see how much cold air can infiltrate behind it, as another storm later in the month could produce more widespread wintry precipitation if enough cold air is in place,” AccuWeather meteorologist Brandon Buckingham said.

The Post explained that for most of the winter, the polar vortex, frigid air from the north, has been strong, keeping the cold Arctic air to the north. If that weakens, the colder air moves south. Source

Brethren, we must pray for everyone if this front comes through the U.S. These are deadly temps and it only takes about 10 minutes for exposed skin to get frostbite. Hypothermia is a danger for the very young and very old!


5 thoughts on “If You Thought December’s Arctic Blast Was Bad, Something Much Worse Could Be Barreling Toward America

  1. Sounds like the HAARP boys are warming up their hopped up electronic weather weapons aimed at the ionosphere.
    Need to plunge everyone into the poor house with our use of the overpriced utilities with probable blackouts to stay warm & devastate any hope for a normal spring planting & therefore increase food prices even more. Maybe they’ll cut back Nat gas or oil cuz factories depend on that to operate & people will lose their jobs as well.
    Let us continue to sacrifice ourselves for the wellbeing of the progressive crazy leftist climate gods. The Repubs will get the blame for the coming devastation but the crisis loving Dems will exploit it to help the globalist “own nothing & be happy” cause. Gee I wonder if those pricey electric cars they want all of us to buy will work? The news about them so far hasn’t been encouraging. If they do work, they don’t go far & it takes forever to recharge them..IF there is no blackout & they don’t like cold weather.
    Well brothers & sisters in the Lord, get used to it. Put your hope in Jesus not the crazy “problem solving” schemes put forward by the little human gods who hate us. Share ur food, share the Gospel, pray for yourselves, others & keep looking up, our redemption draweth nigh.
    BTW I thought “global warming” was the woke trend for the moment not a new ice age. Don’t tell me the little gods are wrong! Let’s ask OUR God the Father for mercy & to meet our needs from this coming weather event in Jesus Name, Amen.

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