DC Comics Latest: Joker Gives Birth to Baby Boy in Latest Batman Comic Book

File this under Mass Indoctrination of Transgender Abomination

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The latest DC Comic book took a strange turn.

Batman’s nemesis The Joker gives birth to a handsome baby boy in latest DC Comic.

The latest chapter in the Joker’s nefarious story arc may be the DC Comics arch villain’s most unusual yet: He becomes pregnant.

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ series, “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing,” Batman’s nemesis actually carries and gives birth to a child.

If that sounds strange, that’s the way the graphic novel company intended it. On its website, DC Comics advertised the issue as containing Joker’s “most bizarre caper yet.”
Readers may be tempted to think this is part of DC’s attempt to do some woke, LGBTQ-inclusive storytelling with The Joker being a transgender man undergoing a typical pregnancy, though it’s not quite that simple.

In this volume, created by Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine Di Giandomenico, the “Clown prince of Crime” becomes pregnant by some unnatural curse and gives birth in a vomit-inducing way, literally.

Backstory on this latest issue detailed how Joker wanted to pursue an heir in a more traditional way, by courting the super-heroine Zatanna into starting a family with him. Though his advances are rebuffed, and the tables are turned on Joker in a surprisingly disturbing manner. Source

Can you see that this is an affront to our Lord and Savior, the Creator of the Universe? This SMUT flies in the face of God, Who clearly told us that there are TWO Genders – Male and Female. These transgenders are used by our enemy to break apart the story of Creation which is the foundation of all mankind?

And people are buying it lock stock and barrel!


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