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Soros-backed Dark Money Group Dumped Millions into Democrat-linked Organizations:

Not surprised At.All. It’s astonishing that he, Kissinger, Schwab, Pelosi, the Clintons, Biden and other “vessels made for dishonor” remain alive. It means God continues to use them for His sovereign purposes. Bewildering for us, but perfect in God’s plan for humanity.

Yesterday I ‘red pilled’ a friend and client of mine. He is a great (unsaved) family man, well-traveled, and a successful business owner who is compassionate and kind. Of course he knows I’m a Christian but he’s a new age, universalist kind of person. I told him about the New World Order, 15 Minute Cities, Schwab and Harari, CBDC’s, ESG, ChatGPT, and then sent him numerous links by email to support what I’ve said. We only talked for about 20 minutes but he had a glazed over, stunned look on his face when we parted. I’m priming the pump to witness to him again because the only conclusion any rational person can come to is “How do I escape this and protect my family?! Praise God that we know The Answer.” (Trying to be an objective observer of the conversation, I thought I must look like a total nut; honesty and TRUTH in a world of lies looks like craziness.)

And I also wondered, if HE doesn’t know anything about this, how many tens of millions of ordinary Americans are oblivious to what is underway?! Then I reflected on Jesus’s warning that He would come and it would be “as in the days of Noah and Lot.” Most Americans acknowledge that we have political unrest, bad economic policies and still hope everything can be corrected with the next election. (This is extreme normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance.) Jesus said the world would be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, buying and selling, planting and building…and when destruction comes it will be too late. In that day most people will say “Ark?! What’s an Ark?! And who is Noah?! Never heard of him.”

Presently we only have a semblance of normalcy because God is holding everything together until He calls us up. If it were not so, we would already be living in a state of open chaos, because the whole system is like a powder keg with a lit fuse and the spark is very close to igniting the explosives. (Note: once again, there are requests for Israel to allow a sacrifice to be made on the Temple Mount in early April. That on top of Israel and her neighbors being engaged in war activity nearly every day now.)

How long will it be before Jesus calls us to Himself?! We don’t know. It may be another few years, as hard as that is to imagine. Insane behavior and lawlessness have become normalized, even embraced. 

Geri, I love all the info you provide us, and how well informed you keep us. It is such a valuable ministry. At the same time, we are growing so weary with our understanding,, at least I know I am. I’m sick up to my nostrils with the corruption, insanity, outright lies, abuse of our precious children, and the wicked, superficial and self-absorbed culture we have created and exported to the world. Demonic activity and behavior is accepted and labeled as “all in good fun” and named as a form of freedom and self-expression. To call it out for what it really is invites hostile attacks, even from people who are supposedly friends and loved ones. 

God sees all, I can’t imagine when He will reach His limit, but He must be very close.

So rapture ready.

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  1. I echo your thoughts Robin but I also remember how Adrian Rogers addressed this man made earthly mess which Geri posted here sometime back “the world grows gloriously dark”. Difficult to understand unless you’re truly born again & are looking up for the Blessed Hope. At least your witnessing hopefully was like a cold shower to this guy. I usually get laughed at or get weird, scorning looks but that’s my day job in Christ. Pastors avoid end times preaching like the plague..too much work & it may tick off some big bottom line givers. Nah just love, love, love..say the sinner’s prayer & u got fire insurance (if that even gets mentioned). It took a 2×4 upside my head a couple times but I’m glad the Lord got my attention. PTL

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