Oregon Suspect Chews Off Elderly Man’s Ear, Part of Face in Bloody Train Platform Attack

Could this be another case of COVID PSYCHOSIS?

Detectives in Gresham, Oregon, say 25-year-old suspect Koryn Kraemer recently moved to Portland

From foxnews.com

A 25-year-old man has been arrested in Oregon after he allegedly chewed off an elderly man’s ear and part of his face in a bloody attack on a train platform, authorities said Tuesday.

Officers and a Multnomah County deputy responded around 2:15 a.m. to reports of a possible stabbing on the Cleveland Avenue MAX platform in Gresham, the Gresham Police Department said.

When officers arrived, authorities said they found the suspect continuing his attack on top of the victim and a large amount of blood.

Officers quickly took the suspect into custody and called paramedics to aid the victim, a 78-year-old man from Hillsboro.

Detectives said the victim was not stabbed, and that the suspect had actually chewed off the victim’s ear and part of his face. First responders reported that the victim’s injuries were so severe they were able to see his skull.

Authorities identified the suspect as 25-year-old Koryn Kraemer, who they said had recently moved to Portland from Georgia.

The 78-year-old victim’s injuries were so severe that paramedics reported being able to see his skull. (FOX12 Oregon KPTV)

Frequent riders of the train told FOX12 Oregon that they often see people who appear to be on drugs on the Cleveland Avenue station.

While detectives said they are investigating whether illicit drugs played a part in the suspect’s actions, Kraemer was being held on accusations of second-degree assault.

The bloody attack comes less than a week after a woman allegedly pushed a 3-year-old girl onto train tracks at the Gateway Transit Center MAX platform in Northeast Portland without provocation, while the child and her mother were waiting at the station. Source

Brothers and sisters in Christ, are you as shocked as I am over these bizarre crimes? This is classic psychotic behavior. There’s no telling whether these people were on street drugs or did the Jab cause injury to the brain and then psychosis set in?

This reads like a horror story. If these crimes were caused by the Jab, I do wonder why some people manifest the behavior and others don’t. Or should I say they haven’t developed psychosis……Yet.


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  1. Sounds like this budding cannibal is one up on Mike Tyson when he chewed up Evander Hollyfield’s ear. Maybe the jabs got thru his brain blood barrier & gave him the crazy inspiration. Too bad nobody had a pistol handy to dispose of the crazy one. Oh I forgot it’s Portland & it was probably a safe “gun free zone”. No guns for defense but its ok to chew on another person’s face right down to the bone. Makes sense to me if ur nuts & kudos for the liberal devil loving crazies running Portland. God Almighty (remember Him?) has special rewards in store for ur outstanding work protecting your citizenry. Maybe hellfire with a thermostat that never does what it’s supposed to do.

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