DIED SUDDENLY: Second ABC News Producer Dies Suddenly by Undisclosed Causes

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Another producer for ABC 10News in San Diego, California, died suddenly last week by undisclosed causes.

Erica Gonzalez, one of ABC’s talented morning show producers, passed away last week.

“As some of you have heard, our dear family member, Erica has gained her Angel wings, unexpectedly,” according to her fundraising campaign.

“Our family is hurting and in disbelief. We are currently in the process of bringing her home from San Diego to El Paso, TX,” it reads.

The cause of her death was not disclosed by ABC 10News or her family.
ABC 10News released a tribute following her sudden death:

The ABC 10News team has lost an important member of our family.
Erica Gonzalez, one of our talented morning show producers, passed away overnight.
Gonzalez was a creative and passionate person who not only served our viewers, but her country as well.

When the United States was reeling from the tragedy of 9/11, Erica was compelled to join the Marine Corps. She served proudly for eight years.

As the old mantra goes: Once a Marine, always a Marine. Erica was behind the coverage of many ABC 10News military stories that aired in 2022.

Erica attended Grossmont College and graduated from San Diego State. Most early mornings in the newsroom, you’d find her typing away with her Aztec hat on.

Years before becoming a full time producer, Erica interned with Team 10, our station’s investigative unit.

News was in her blood, and after spending some time producing in her hometown of El Paso, Texas, she couldn’t wait to get back to San Diego earlier this year.

A friend to many, Erica’s dry sense of humor made the news team laugh in the early morning hours, and will forever stay with those who loved and cared about her.

Tragically, Erica Gonzalez joins Dax Tejera as one of ABC’s two producers to pass away in the past week due to unexpected causes.

Tejera was the executive producer of the ABC News Sunday public affairs show “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

He died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Friday, December 23, according to a statement sent out to employees on Saturday by ABC News president Kim Godwin.

Executive Producer of ABC’s ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’ Dies Suddenly at 37


DIED SUDDENLY <Click to watch

I am having a very difficult time believing that the deaths of these two young people are not a result of the JAB! Pray for their families…….


10 thoughts on “DIED SUDDENLY: Second ABC News Producer Dies Suddenly by Undisclosed Causes

  1. robinlinaz

    The journalists can’t figure out what happened, that tells us everything doesn’t it?!

    “News was in her blood”, yeah and a whole payload of graphene oxide and all the other poisons they put into the shots. We know it isn’t safe, it was never designed to be safe, but it’s quite effective.

    How do these mainstream media news outlets continue to convince themselves it can’t be the shots?! Great deception is widespread as we wait for our Savior.

    1. I agree with your every word. I have often said that the Globalists are either paying the press to hide the truth, or they are threatening them with losing their jobs or killing them and their families. I truly believe it’s one of these.

      1. robinlinaz

        It’s likely a combination of all these things, they apply the threat/reward to the person and situation. But it is going to get exponentially worse as the fatality count continues to rise. Sadly, we haven’t seen anything yet.

        When the seals are opened, on average, millions of people will be dying DAILY from war, famine, plague, wild animals and persecution. People must die in huge numbers to fulfill prophecy and reduce the global population from 8 billion to roughly 5.5 billion in 3.5 years. It truly is beyond our ability to comprehend; most will go numb, a great many will kill themselves.

        It crushes my heart to imagine, and I am so grateful we will not be here. We must spread the gospel, time is short.

  2. Filius de Tonitrus

    Will the, “Died Suddenly” trend continue to ramp up in 2023? In case it does the DHS will be prepared. MASS FATALITY TRACKING SYSTEM (MFTS) Internet of Things compatible. This system was deployed on 9/1/22. One has to ask, why do we need this, and why Department of Homeland Security? Why not DOD for use abroad? Just say’n.

    1. robinlinaz

      This may sound trite and I don’t mean it to, but it is because Satan 100% knows what is coming, he’s been given a long rope for now. He is putting everything into place that he can before we are Raptured. He thinks that day is going to be wonderful when the Church is finally out of his way. But I believe God is going to bring him a terrible surprise when we are removed, one he isn’t expecting. I don’t know what, but I sense it is going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for the prince of this world. Kind of the ultimate “be careful what you wish for” experience.

      Thanks for the info on the MFTS system, I hadn’t heard of it. Not surprising, it is hard to surprise us these days.

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