SIMON KHOROLSKIY: You are worthy! You are worthy! To have glory, honor, power: You created all the things and by Your will, we exist!

Incredibly beautiful

Original song composed by Simon Khorolskiy

Текст выборочно взят из книги Откровения, глава 1&4 Я был в духе в день воскресный, И услышал громкий голос, Как бы трубный, говорящий, Я есть Альфа и Омега, Не бойся; Я есть Первый и Последний, И был мертвым, но се, жив во веки веков, аминь; И вот, престол стоял на небе, На престоле был Сидящий; Вокруг престола я видел старцев, И животных… У каждого по шести крыл, внутри исполнены очей Им днем и ночью нет покоя, взывают: Свят, свят, свят Господь, Который был, есть и грядет. Бог Вседержитель, Который был, Который есть и грядет. Тогда те двадцать четыре старца, Склоняются перед Сидящим, Перед престолом, венцы слагают, говоря: Достоин, Ты достоин, принять славу и честь и силу: Ты сотворил все, по Твоей воле существуем!

Lyrics adapted from Revelation chapters 1&4

I was in Spirit, on the Lord’s Day, And heard a loud voice, like a trumpet, It was saying: I am Alpha and Omega. Fear not; I am the first One and the last One. And I was dead and now alive forever and ever. Amen; Behold, a throne was set in heaven, and the One sat on the throne. Around the throne, I saw the elders and the beasts Each of the beast’s having six wings and all around full of eyes. They never rest a day or night, keep saying: Holy, holy, holy, Lord; which was and is, and is to come. Our God Almighty, which was and is, and is to come. Then those twenty-four holy elders fall down before the One who’s sitting, They cast their crowns before the throne, saying: You are worthy! You are worthy! To have glory, honor, power: You created all the things and by your will, we exist.



Kremlin: “US & Russia On The Brink Of A Direct Clash” In Ukraine


The Kremlin is urgently calling on Washington to avoid further escalation over its support to Ukraine’s military, on the same day that President Vladimir Putin made a rare state visit to neighboring Belarus, amid growing fears that Belarusian armed forces could enter the fighting in Ukraine. 

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Monday that the United States’ “dangerous and short-sighted policy” has put it “on the brink of a direct clash” with Moscow, according to state media reports.

It is the US’ desire to maintain American hegemony at all costs… as well as its arrogant unwillingness to engage in a serious dialogue on security guarantees” that led to the current crisis, she continued, in reference to Moscow’s last February pre-invasion appeal for “guarantees” that Ukraine would not enter NATO. 

State media described the sharp words as a necessary reaction to US State Department Spokesman Ned Price’s recently placing sole blame on Moscow for the rapid deterioration in US-Russia relations. Price had characterized the current state of relations as “unstable and unpredictable”.

Zakharova continued in the Monday remarks: “After the high-profile fiasco in Afghanistan, America is increasingly drawn into a new conflict, not only supporting the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev financially and with weapons, but also increasing its military presence on the ground.” While not specifying the precise accusation regarding a US “presence on the ground” – this could be a reference to recent widespread reporting that US intelligence has expanded its role in helping the Ukrainians, especially with things like targeting.

“This is a dangerous and short-sighted policy that puts the US and Russia on the brink of a direct clash,” the FM spokesperson said further. “For its part, Moscow urges the Joe Biden administration to soberly assess the situation and not to unleash a spiral of dangerous escalation. We hope that they will hear us in Washington, though there is no reason for optimism so far.”

This month has witnessed multiple bombshell revelations concerning the Pentagon and US intelligence’s deepening role in Ukraine, including the following: 

Ukraine has also grown bolder in showing off its new American-supplied toys…

All of this and more strongly suggests to two sides are indeed inching toward direct showdown and clash, also as there still appears no appetite for so much as a plan even remotely on the horizon to get Kiev officials to the ceasefire negotiating table with Russia.

As for the ongoing speculation that Belarusian forces could enter the Ukraine conflict in support of Russia, top Russian officials are denying this “option”… for now at least.
I have always thought that the Globalists orchestrated the war between Russia and Ukraine. I also have wondered when the U.S. would push for boots on the ground. I’m not getting a good feeling about this….



 “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).

Brothers and sisters in Christ – does this go on in your church? RUN – DO NOT WALK To the nearest exist and DO NOT GO BACK!