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INFLUENCING WEATHER? HAARP Bounces Signal Off Asteroid On 12-27-2022 In New NASA Experiment: Our Country had to Suffer Through 6.4 Earthquake and a Freak Bomb Cyclone

I don’t believe anything our local or fed dictatorships tell us.

That goes for the lying, globalist lap dog media as well. The globalist Satanic inspired agenda includes weather control, after all if you’re gonna be a god then you must be able to do that.

I’ve lived here all my life and we have always had these “atmospheric rivers” from time to time. The “artic blasts” come down thru Canada via the Fraser River Valley or from the east. The “Pineapple Express” sweeps in from Hawaii & warms us up + rains alot. When we melt in summer from the heat coming up from the southwest or the east we all pray for the real Weatherman (God) to bring in cooling air from the ocean for cooling, rain & relief from forest fires. It’s our God ordained air conditioning system & works very well.

God controls our weather because our farmers depend on certain weather at certain times. Most cropland in Wa is east of the Cascades. Those farming communities know what prayer can do and they depend on the REAL God of heaven & earth to meet those needs not you godless frauds. So you budding globalist god control freaks can take your Harp and stick it in your atheistic ears.

God still ultimately controls the weather and He still answers our prayers. The merciful REAL God might let u dabble in this type of “climate control” for awhile but He is merely allowing your sins to pile up to the point of becoming even more reprobate past the point of salvation. So you better rethink your evil godhood aspirations cuz you’re going up against Almighty God of the heavens and earth and you will lose big time just like your boss Satan.

Another piece of advice, since you are all storing up wrath for yourselves, always check what’s beneath your feet as the earth may open up suddenly and swallow up your godless selves for eternity in the Lake of Fire. You & ur fellow hotshots won’t control that eternal climate.

SO GOOD to have Dale back 🙂

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  1. Totally, absolutely agree about this storm! Snow and wind unlike ever seen. Skies solid slate gray, no clouds!!!! I still declare the Heavens declare the glory of Hod and the skies proclaim His majesty!! I know you are there Father, but this is not your doing!!! I will not blame Him for the evil doings of man!

  2. Amanda

    Amen! Excellent article. Please check out Geoengineeringwatch.org. Dane Wigington’s observations will open your eyes to the nefarious action of the elites. Still, praise God that He has ultimate control and we can call upon Him with our every need. Bless you, Geri, for sounding the alarm!!

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