Chinese Author Who Chronicled COVID In Her Country Lives As Virtual Prisoner

And THIS is the country heralded as the Best to lead the New World Order by Klaus Schwab and his Cohorts!


Chinese author Fang Fang has covered the pandemic since the initial outbreak in a virtual diary from Wuhan, ground-zero for the outbreak.

Fang used Weibo, a Chinese equivalent of Twitter, to share her experiences of isolation and struggle with the increasingly brutal Zero-Covid policies in China.

Unable to get reliable information from the CCP controlled press, millions of Chinese turned to her coverage for a realistic view of what was happening, something the CCP could not allow.

The CCP has done everything they can to silence her, including banning her books.

Fang lives in virtual isolation now, under constant scrutiny by the government.

“I am not permitted to participate in any social activities, I am not permitted to publish any essays, have any of my new work published, or my old work reprinted,” she said in an interview with the Sunday Times of London this week. “For a professional writer like myself, this is the greatest punishment they could hand out.”

In the interview, conducted by email, Fang called the government’s treatment of her a form of “cold violence.”

“All of these repercussions I am facing are simply because I recorded my experiences during the lockdown in Wuhan and published a book entitled ‘Wuhan Diary,’” she said. “I did not break a single law or violate a single rule. The whole thing is extremely bizarre and utterly unimaginable.”

Following widespread protests earlier this month, the Chinese government was forced to reverse of its “zero-COVID” policies.

Fang said she began writing her daily chronicles at the suggestion of an editor at a Chinese literary journal. “That gave me the impetus to start recording things, I began to post a record of what was happening,” she said. “The diary seemed to provide consolation for many readers.”

Fang received numerous death threats, which increased when Michael Berry, the director of the University of California’s Center for Chinese Studies, began to translate her posts into English under the title “Wuhan Diary: Dispatches from a Quarantined City.”

Now, her phone is tapped and she is subject to surveillance when she leaves her home, Fang told the Times of London.


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  1. In fact, our own government has been doing the exact same thing to many innocent Americans since at least 2016. Not only IS the Chinese social credit scoring system coming to the former land of the free and home of the brave; it’s already here, already ruining the lives of lots of innocent Americans. Shadow-banning is the least of our woes. Life-banning (my term) including shunning, phone (and other) surveillance 24/7, stalking (they call it “monitoring”) when out in public, and frankly, A WHOLE LOT MORE (routine home break-ins with vandalism, thefts, and pet murder/theft, among other things) is going on HERE as we speak. Please look up Ramola D., Karen Stewart, Bill Binney, and Eric Karlstrom on YouTube, Quora, and other places on the web. That will provide a pretty good view of what the globalist “leaders” want for every single person they don’t like.

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