National Guard Gave COVID-19 Vaccine Instead of Flu Shot: Whistleblower (VIDEO)

This begs the question – how many doctor’s offices are giving the Covid shot to patients whom they know refused to get the jab, but telling these patients that the shot is the seasonal flu shot?

Also, how many pharmacies are doing this?

My husband and I made it abundantly clear that we did NOT want to get this experimental jab. But every time I log into the patient portal, the first thing I see is “You are OVERDUE for your Covid Vaccine.


Tim and I NEVER get the flu shot. Many people have told us through the years that they get sick soon after that shot. We decided almost 20 years ago to forego the season flu shot.

Brethren, this is something to think about. Do you not agree that with the campaign to get EVERYONE Covid shots, that physician’s offices may be told by the CDC to administer the Covid vaccine instead of the seasonal shot?

I put nothing past these people!


15 thoughts on “National Guard Gave COVID-19 Vaccine Instead of Flu Shot: Whistleblower (VIDEO)

  1. Anyone who values his health should NEVER take ANY vaccines again. Per the WHO, the intent is to use mRNA technology in some 500 vaccines going forward so that people cannot escape harm unless they abstain completely.

      1. Karen

        I got a flu shot years ago because my employer recommended everyone get one. It’s the only time I ever got a terrible flu and I’ve never had another one since then. God gave us a wonderful immune system and even if we get the flu it’s gone in a couple of days.

    1. robinlinaz

      I agree Gary, no shots, ever. Five hundred vaccines?! It is staggering. No one in their right minds can pretend fallen angels and demons aren’t in control of the WHO, FDA, NIH, CDC…along with all other agencies and governments.

      Satan always overplays his hand and God is letting him do so, for a short season. This is just more proof.

  2. Peggy

    Thank you for your hard work in bringing us the truth. I agree wholeheartedly. My husband and I haven’t gotten a flu shot in years and we don’t intend to.

  3. Amen to the anti vaxers. Not because real vaxes can’t be helpful but because our govt sponsored jabs are poisons these days. It’s obvious to me & many other non-rocket science people our globalist minded govt wants to KILL us!
    My solution is Nancy Reagan’s advice decades ago “Just say NO”…why u may ask? Simply said, our govt lies, steals from its citizens & seeks to murder us, our parents, our children in cold blood if we don’t conform to their Satanic mandates of madness. Time is short. We are going home! I imagine Jesus sitting at the right hand of God intently waiting for the Father’s command to rescue His own! It won’t be long now! Don’t despair, God’s timing is different than ours & no matter how desperate things look & the persecution coming at us, keep looking up. God only needs a time snap of the twinkling of an eye to remove us from this man-made hell on earth.

  4. julieg777

    I have only had one flu shot in my life and that was over 20 yrs ago when I worked for a physician’s office. It ended up giving me the flu and I have never had another one since. I will NEVER get another shot, not even a tetanus shot. Who knows what they are putting in them! Sadly, I just had to start Trulicity, which is a diabetes drug which requires an injection once a week. (not insulin). I worry about that too. I read the ingredients on the package and did not see anything that would lead me to believe that there is MRNA in it. It is made by Lilly. But it does worry me. Are they going to start putting that stuff in insulin shots and other diabetes shots without our knowledge? No more vaccines for me ever! I did not take the jab and have no intentions to ever willingly take it!

    1. God only knows what Big Pharma and the LEFTIST Globalists have planned for our medicines. I would suggest to the readers to look through their medicines and pray that the Lord will show you what drugs you should attempt to wean yourself off of. I have stopped taking a lot of medicines that my GP prescribed. Many people should see their doctor and ask how they should safely get off of meds that are not truly necessary.

  5. Jim V.

    I haven’t had a flu shot since 1993. After flu shot, I was very sick and laid in bed for 3 or 4 days, can’t remember? Since that, NEVER again. EVER. I don’t get sick very often. I take good care of my body and mental health. Heartbreaking many people are so BLIND about V. They are sleeping and burying theirs head in the sand.

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