KANYE WEST: The Most Ignorant and Dangerous Anti-Semite of Our Time: Also a Street Thug

Pray that God would either Save this man or Silence him!!


18 thoughts on “KANYE WEST: The Most Ignorant and Dangerous Anti-Semite of Our Time: Also a Street Thug

  1. robinlinaz

    Matthew 7:21-23 Kanye West is in grave danger and can’t see it.
    I wonder what Candace Owen will say now…pretty hard to overlook and excuse this.

      1. Blanka

        I do not like Kanye whatsoever but I know enough to recognize his voice is different..can this be someone impersonating him??

  2. I think that everything is going to snowball, and it was the UN General Assembly votes in favor of commemorating Palestinian ‘Nakba’ which is the rapid starting point for me that will lead straight to the rapture and afterwards for the world into tribulation.

    I have no idea when the Lord is coming for His bride, but expect things to really get interesting and hectic from now and forwards. Buckle up and keep looking up.

    God bless.

      1. I watched more of the interview and yes I realized it really is him..shaking my head..he’s in it to deceive the people..right along with the rest of them..

  3. I think he’s some kind of nut. If he’s prescribed medication it sounds like he’s off them. Maybe he likes to be controversial just to be noticed. Who knows? It’s a shame he gets all this attention though. It just stokes the antisemite fire the devil started eons ago. We don’t need that rotten garbage thrown about. Maybe us ex-military types should be brushing up on our defense skills.

    1. I am praying for the Synagogues – for the congregations to be hyper vigilant. Kanye has millions of adoring fans. He IS Bipolar by his own admission. I asked in one of my articles if he might be off his meds, but I think this goes way deeper. He also has a tight relationship with the DEMONIC Black Hebrew Israelites – they are a Cult and a TRAIN WRECK. You can look them up in the WordPress.

  4. Wild Olive

    Ahhhh…… I was wondering if he was one of those ‘Black Hebrew’ crowd, with the things he has been saying. And what’s with that outfit??? He seems to have some huge mental health issues. There definitely isn’t any Holy Spirit residing in that one.

  5. Paul Alan

    I wish our understanding of “Ye” was based on better critical thinking. “Ye” and “Alex Jones” are actors, following a script, and part of a comprehensive psyop that features many layers. The obvious purpose is to attack free speech and further divide and conquer. Seriously, 2 seconds of “Alex Jones” and one can only conclude controlled opposition. Co-intel pro. Nothing organic or real about it. Kanye “West” is part of the MK Ultra program, “Alex Jones” has always been co-intel pro and in this instance the whole dialogue was scripted and we’re supposed to believe it’s organic. “Ye” is certainly a tragic figure but he’s low hanging fruit. Just like Stewart Rhoades and oathkeepers. Most of us want to believe the 80 or 90 percent truth we think we get. How The World Really Works (HTWRW’s) is different than we imagine. Far different. The deception and agitprop exists across the span of history and the cultural divides of geography and language and it can make one’s head hurt to fathom “reality.” Satan offered Jesus many rewards and Jesus never contested his “kontrol” over this world. The term “Vatican” means diving serpent and the Jesuit Order controls all militaries behind the scenes. Amerika is the 4th Reich, part of mystery Babylon and certainly the daughter of Babylon. The truth is in plain sight. Everything I write is open source information. As are the scriptures in the various bibles that require thorough study, vigilant prayer, and seeking God’s ways and wisdom. “Lucifer” is the grand puppeteer of humanity and the seals have likely been broken. God is Holy. God is Righteous. Never Changing. Place no trust in men or man. Seek and find Jesus while the door is still available.

  6. I was wondering if ‘Pastor’ Jack Hibbs ever publicly REPENTED of endorsing Kanye West to the point where Jack was putting down and mocking sincere Christians who were questioning West’s authenticity and motives ! Since I’m sure thousands were influenced by Jack’s online video of this , I believe it would be only right and Biblical for him to offer a sincere public acknowledgement of his (GRAVE) error !!! Maybe he has already done this . If so, that is GOOD …if not, I pray that PRIDE does not get in the way !

    1. Jack Hibbs has not shown much discernment in the last few years. I don’t know what is wrong – he has some very solid Christians in his life, but something is off….

  7. Jim V.

    Kanye is a crazy guy. I don’t know what to think but he could be a mental illness or demonic possession.

    Don’t you find it is/was interesting that Jews don’t go on riot or protesting over Kanye? Oh wait,,,,,,,if a white guy or Jews say something negative about African Americans, the whole black community across the nation would go on riot, looting, burning the buildings, and etc. Just saying.

    Kanye admires Hitler. You know this would offended African Americans, oh wait a minutes, African Americans are quiet, HOW COME? I know the FACT that African Americans don’t like Hitler and Nazi. Candace Owen is quiet, Make you wonder?

    What a crazy world we are living in. INSANE.

  8. Yvonne Renee Knickerbocker

    Definitely. Of course our FATHER Knew how difficult these days would be, so HE Gave us plenty of Warning. It’s already far worse than I could ever imagine it would be. Heartbreaking. Praying.

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