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Messaging demonic Democrats: We May Have Lost Our Votes, But NEVER Our HOPE!

Amen Geri, they are enjoying the fruits of their works in this world. And they don’t believe their suffering will be eternal; they should read the Bible and repent before it is too late. God’s patience is immeasurable, I know that because of His grace and patience toward me.

Sadly (and I mean that, it makes me very sad to contemplate the eternal suffering of the condemned), most will not repent. They mock God and test His patience. He explains His response in Psalm 2. I am convinced that particular Psalm was written for our times over all others. It directly addresses the kings, nations and peoples of the WHOLE world, not just Israel or Assyria, or Persia…the whole world. It is not going to turn out well for them.

I told a friend this morning that the Republican Party is ridiculous. They think they can win by trying harder. It’s laughably absurd; it’s like watching a Monty Python skit. Imagine, swim meet, where a crowd is madly cheering for all the girls in the pool while they swim against Lia Thomas. EVERYONE can see with their own two eyes that the game is rigged, and yet they somehow hope the outcome is going to be different. “Hey, get the guy out of the pool first, you fools.” They are surprised and disappointed when Lia wins. but nevertheless, they give him the trophy!!! It is madness.

We think it’s bad now, imagine the world when we are gone, and Antichrist is in control. Shudder.

The best news in all of this is that it’s more clear proof that Jesus is coming very soon. Our world MUST descend into chaos, madness, and lawlessness. In my opinion, at this point it would be disheartening to see everything turn around and get better. Nope, it is unfolding exactly as He said it would. Our God is an AWESOME God!

So, I shout “YAY! And Maranatha, Lord!”

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  1. Nita

    Yes, I feel the same way, it would be disheartening to see everything to turn around and get better. Come Lord Jesus…Maranatha.

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