Ex-Trans Teen to Sue Kaiser Permanente Over Gender Transition as Minor: Absolutely Heartbreaking

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Chloe Cole, who was prescribed puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and then had her breasts removed when she was 15, says she will sue the medical group and hospital that facilitated the gender transition as a minor she now deeply regrets.

“The adults who were supposed to take care of and guide me as a child failed to do so and they will take responsibility for it,” Cole told The Epoch Times on Nov. 11.

Cole, now 18 years old, and her legal team—including Dhillon Law Group and LiMandri & Jonna LLP in conjunction with the Center for American Liberty—sent a letter of intent on Nov. 9 to sue the Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and several doctors who “performed, supervised, and/or advised transgenderhormone therapy and surgical intervention for Chloe Cole when she was between 13-17 years old.”

Kaiser Permanente stands accused of gross negligence causing “permanent irreversible mutilation and damage to her body,” according to the letter. The organization did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Nov. 11.

Epoch Times Photo
A Kaiser Permanente Medical Center facility in Anaheim, Calif., on March 24, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

The letter alleges medical professionals informed Cole’s parents she was “at a high risk for suicide, unless she socially and medically transitioned to appear more like a male.” Her parents were allegedly asked, “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?”

Cole is seeking “punitive damages based on the evidence of malice, oppression and fraud,” according to the letter.

“The medical system shouldn’t dictate the future of young children’s lives. Through this legal action, the ‘professionals’ involved will be held accountable for their despicable plot to mutilate children and financially benefit from it,” said Harmeet Dhillon, CEO of the Center for American Liberty. “We will break the cycle of them breaking our children before it’s too late.”

Cole recently testified against “gender-affirming health care” legislation that made California a transgender sanctuary state. California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 107 authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) into law last month.

The legislation has been widely protested by parental rights groups opposed to minors receiving puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender transition surgeries.

“My teenage life has been the culmination of excruciating pain, regret, and most importantly injustice,” Cole stated Nov. 10 in a media release. “What is worse is that I am not alone in my pain. I will see to the fact that the blood and tears of detransitioners like myself will not lay waste. It is impossible for me to recoup what I have lost, but I will insure no children will be harmed at the hands of these liars and mutilators.”

Epoch Times Photo
Chloe Cole tearfully shares her detransition journey in Anaheim, Calif., on Oct. 8, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

The Center for American Liberty also alleged Kaiser did not inform Cole’s parents of psychiatric treatment options or any approach that would attempt to treat her underlying psychological conditions “to bring about a mental state congruent with Chloe’s biological sex.”

Cole alleges she was told by medical professionals the distress she was experiencing due to gender dysphoria would resolve as she transitioned, but after undergoing several phases of transition over multiple years, her mental condition only deteriorated.

“Indeed, her mental health and suicidality issues worsened significantly after she had the double mastectomy,” the letter states. “Eventually, Chloe realized that the answer to her struggle was not surgery and hormones, as she had been advised, but a shift in her mental perspective. She realized that the only way she would be happy is if she mentally accepted her biological sex and chose to live a life that aligned with her natural sex.”

Kaiser Permanente has 90 days to settle the case or respond to the letter of intent to sue before a lawsuit will be filed. Source


19 thoughts on “Ex-Trans Teen to Sue Kaiser Permanente Over Gender Transition as Minor: Absolutely Heartbreaking

  1. julieg777

    I am sad that this happened to her. It is truly heartbreaking, but maybe if there are more lawsuits, stuff like this will be stopped. By the way, her parents should be held responsible too. Prayers for this young lady.

  2. I guess these moronic policy makers who make this child mutilation & abuse legal have never heard of “tomboys” which I guess I must try to explain to these idiots is merely late hormonal changing. We’ve all known a couple of these kids in elementary etc school who turned into totally feminine young ladies who wanted to have kids & be a wife to someone. Same with some guys who seemed a little feminine to us. Some women become good pilots, mechanics, firemen, military but they still prefer womanhood. My dad was a creative sort & tailored dresses for mom & they were quite good. My ex-wife (who was a real woman, just to be clear) had more mechanical talent than me. God spreads human talents all over. No sex has a monopoly over God’s various gifts, there are always exceptions, but man is not to act like God in deciding for impressionable kids what sex they should be cuz that means God made a mistake & sinful, evil man whose heart is desperately wicked is here to correct a perfect God’s creation. God also forbade men dressing as women. Also if this sex change garbage is such a wonderful liberation of sorts why keep it a secret from the parents? What a joke this is but unfortunately the sick “joke” is on our young people & society & God’s terrible recompense awaits these sons of hell who victimize the kids.
    For anyone on the fence with this issue consider;
    Deut 22:5 “A woman shall NOT wear man’s clothing nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”………….Let alone change one’s sex to the opposite one. That’s probably an
    abomination industrial strength to the Lord. Is this still in force? You bet, God never changes..He is the same yesterday, today & forever and so is His precious written Word.
    God is patiently waiting for those of you who are involved in or support & vote in favor of these sex change policies to REPENT. Turn to Christ Now because God’s wrath abides on you. If think you are a Christian then how does participation, support or voting for such of child mutilation policies glorify the God you claim to serve? You are deceived & are serving the devil NOT the risen Christ. Time is short.

    1. I was a Tom Girl. The neighborhood boys fought over me to be Q-back for their team. To this day I can throw a longgggg spiral pass right to the receiver.You should have seen Tim’s face when he first saw me throw a football! I would rather play football than anything else. BUT…….when I got older in my teens, I was a girly girl – clothes and makeup and hair etc etc. Now I’ve been told that this scenario is vastly different from gender dysphoria. My question is WHY has this exploded now? We never heard of such a thing when we were young!

      1. We are at war from all and any angles they can throw at us. Psychological warfare is always in use now just more nefariously openly perverse. They are constantly studying us and adjusting, deceiving, manipulating in general. Poison food (gmo, pesticides, hormones), foison water (fluoride), air, attack on the family represented in media, shows, music-social engineering and backed by corporation and represented in their products, commercials, black vs white, rich vs poor, transgender always reflected in tv-commercials-drags etc, poison jab, chem trails, edoctrination/education system all by intent. Thank goodness more and more are waking to all of it

  3. Geri has a good question as to “Why has this exploded now? We never heard of such a thing when we were young.” An intriguing question “why, now” which got me thinking about Daniel’s prophecy of the 70th week (thanks to Bonnie for her timely contribution today). Civilization is right on the cusp of that week. Things are changing drastically in favor of the evil one. God has let out the devil’s leash to prep the world’s corrupt leaders & govt’s for the 4th kingdom on the earth which will be different from all the other kingdoms & it will devour the whole earth & tread it down & crush it. Dan7:23. To get there takes considerable rehashing of the world’s present kingdoms which takes some time cuz the last Satanic kingdom is so different from the previous ones.
    People will go to & fro; knowledge will increase. Jet travel, gene editing, AI, transhumanism, church apostacy, Christian oppression, no cash, all buying, selling digital, education system turned into re-education propaganda camps, turn the kids against their parents, pornographic sex “education” for kids, sex change & abortion propagated in public schools, infanticide, euthanasia, manmade plagues, crooked judges, federal protection of queer marriage, govts becoming more dictatorial & tyrannical in suppressing truth, media cooperation in spreading govt lies, famines, wars, total destruction & ruination of the world in just minutes, etc ad nauseum. These events are unique only to the last of the last days.
    In Revelation chapters 6-22 we have God explaining in detail what the ungodly can expect from the antichrist’s nirvana. The ending for the born again believer is much different & wonderful in every respect because that ending is our glorious beginning with our Great God & Savior the Lord Jesus Christ for eternity.
    So Geri, in my opinion “Why now” is because we are the genration to see the budding of the fig tree Matt 24:32-33 …even so you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is right at the door. This verse is a 2nd Coming verse BUT there is a certain prepping & shaping of events leading up to the glorious personal return of Christ as the warrior King of Kings & Lord of Lords. You ask “Why now”. I think the Lord’s parable of the fig tree budding is universally accepted as the world’s recognition of the sovereign state of Israel May 14, 1948. That date is the “Why now?” Shortly thereafter America started its downward moral decline & sped up when Pres Kennedy was assassinated & we’ve been breaking the speed limit almost yearly since & now a new federally protected evil seems to pop up almost weekly.
    It’s all according to God’s master plan & timetable so it may not be pleasant for us as light in a dark & perverse world but He will take care of us. After all He is our ABBA Father & we the born again are His children & His Son’s bride. Our Father in heaven already has given His blessing to the marriage of the Lamb at Pentecost. Our future with the Son is absolutely guaranteed by the God who cannot lie & has given us already His holy deposit by the Holy Spirit Who living within us 24/7. The immediate future is not smooth sailing on this earth for the born again but it’s a short trip to victory. The Lord being so faithful will bring us home before He unleashes His wrath on earth. Remember God directed Noah & family into the ark only once & then God shut the door on reprobate mankind. Only He knows the timing & it’s always on the dot.

    1. I should obviously go back to the comments more often to find such a gem. THANK YOU Dale, from the bottom of my heart for this encouragement, which is much needed with MANY brothers and sisters. Best regards from Spain. Will send your comment to a German brother who is pretty much in despair.
      Maranatha and a hug to all the brothers and sisters who read and write here.

  4. Eugene Giuffria

    51 years in critical care and the medical community today is much more focused on making a dollar than an all out effort for the physical and mental health of the patient. This young lady is devastated over the deception played on her and it breaks every heart that hears about it. Let her not forget that she is no less beautifulI to the God that created her. I can’t imagine that there is a physician out there that dosen’t know that XX is a female gender and XY is a male gender and work with that. That they will convince a child and then coerce the parents into conceding the mental and physical health of their child to these monsters is despicable on their part. This is not a misdiagnosis or even a malpractice, but rather intentional and thus pure evil. I think that the biblical quote is something like, ” better to have a millstone tied around their necks and be thrown into the ocean than to offend a child.” “Vengence is mine sayest the Lord” and it is coming for them. Let us not forget that this scenario is being replayed on a daily basis and destroying other children as well. I can’t imagine any group of doctors being so evil/ manipulative and callous. It was once a very honorable proud profession.
    My son is a physician and I remember his statement , ” I will work for nothing”.
    That attitude was common in the physicians of long ago, but less and less today. My heart is bleeding for this childs pain. We need to pray for this child (and I know that you / we will).

  5. Wild Olive

    Hi, Geri. Greetings from New Zealand 🇳🇿. I posted your article on NZ Politics GAB and have never had so many likes and reposts ever. I was a Tom girl too, loved surfing 🏄‍♀️. The thought never entered into my head, that as consequence I should try and make myself into a boy. We are living in insane times.

  6. And the even sadder thing here in Canada is that it is now illegal to offer conversion therapy to any of these people who want to go back to accepting the sex they were born as. It could mean jail even for pastors, therapists and even parents who attempt to advise their own children on this matter. Our government is corrupt to the core. They were elected to serve the people but serve only themselves and their own corrupt agendas. They care nothing for the lives they are governing. But truly God sees all, and they will pay in the end, but at what cost? How this must grieve the Holy Spirit!

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