Prolific Christian Writer BRITT GILLETTE “I Was Wrong”

I was wrong. Two months ago, I said another Lehman moment was inevitable – that it was almost certain to happen by November 1st. This wasn’t a prophecy by any means, just a guess on my part of how long the Central Banks could continue to paper over massive problems. But here we are on November 3rd, and we haven’t seen a collapse in global financial markets. We haven’t had another Lehman moment.

Does that mean it won’t happen? Was crisis averted? That’s the topic of today’s video. Greg Hunter / Egon von Greyerz Article and Interview:…

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2 thoughts on “Prolific Christian Writer BRITT GILLETTE “I Was Wrong”

  1. My view is that our country is bankrupt now. Fiat currency will continue to run madly off govt printing presses. Wild, uncontrolled spending will continue. Since we left the gold standard during Nixon’s reign, we now depend on the mercy of the Federal Reserve of which nothing is “federal” about it. Our national credit card debt is over limit & our minimum monthly payment is interest only which we borrow to pay as in robbing peter to pay paul or increase the national debt ceiling. Our monthly interest lick is soon to be more than the defense budget. If we can’t make those payments then our govt checks start bouncing or drastically reduced.
    Personal bank deposits, savings, pension funds will be seized to pay the elites thru the “bail in” NOT govt bail out cuz the govt is broke but u & I have some private funds, property & assets worth seizing.
    So when all that goes down. Everyone will be broke except the big guys having the gold, our assets & total financial control. They will somehow make the world economy function again BUT we will have to be their slaves & live their way, yes, own nothing & be happy.
    The globalists run the world’s financial system these days. They are busy plotting
    the digital cashless system’s inauguration. Then as Amschel Rothchild once said, I care not what laws a country makes as long as I control their money supply, then I control them. The Rothchild robber barons control the world’s money supply & give the Federal Reserve its marching orders.
    Proverbs 22:7 The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave….What a happy future for the once great USA. I think it will happen after the Rapture which is imminent.
    You must be born again to escape this awful coming judgement on America. You are a sinner & breaker of the laws of the perfect Most High God. You deserve hell. You must repent & turn from your sins & ask God to forgive you in the name of Jesus who willingly died on the cross as the only acceptable sacrifice for your sins before God. Nothing else will suffice. No good deeds, no big $ offerings. Your personal righteousness presented before God (“I’m a good person”) is considered “filthy rags” Isa 64:6 because you are a sinner, lawbreaker, criminal & deserve punishment as such. Romans 3:23 for all have sinned & fall short of the glory of God.
    Jesus is the only way to heaven because He led a sinless life & shed His blood as the ONLY sacrifice for sin accepted by God. Hebrews 9:22 without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. Don’t be misled your innate “goodness” or charity will suffice as partial payment for salvation or Jesus will do the rest after all you can do. Your sins are either totally on Christ or totally on YOU. The wrath of God rests on you. There is NO in-between or salvation “combo” of Jesus + you. Only the Lord Jesus Christ paid the entire price for mankind’s sins. Nothing more needs to be done EXCEPT you must ask Him to save you. If your request is real He is faithful & true to save you forever & you will escape the wrath of God for your sins.

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