ADRIAN ROGERS: How to Handle Stress

Do you ever feel there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it? Many of us are emotionally fatigued, physically drained, and spiritually defeated; and the reason is stress. Stress that gap between the demands placed upon us and our ability to meet those demands. It’s not a sin to be stressed; but it is a sin to reject the help given to you to relieve you from your stress.

God offers His insurmountable strength to us so that we may learn how to handle stress. Isaiah 40:31 says, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.” God will help us fly in the rigors of life. A mother eagle teaches her eaglets to fly by making the nest uncomfortable. In the same way, God lovingly nudges us to the edge of our comfort zone, so that we may learn to fly. God will teach us to run in the rush of life.

There’s enough time every day to do everything God wants you to do; sometimes we have to run to get it done. We need to run like an athlete, trusting God to sustain us, so that we will not grow weary. God will aid us as we walk in the routines of life. Our greatest need is day-by-day faithfulness in the little things, steadily walking day by day in the regular humdrum times of life. Adrian Rogers says, “Do you know what victory is? It is all day, every day, hot days, cold days, dull days, bright days, good days, bad days, walking the Christian life.”

What does waiting upon God do for us? In times of adversity, we soar like an eagle. In times of opportunity, we run like an athlete. And in times of necessity, we keep walking day by day. Apply it to your life If you believe in the promises of God, you must wait upon Him. What does that mean, practically? Long for Him daily Listen to Him in your quiet time Look to Him for your every need Live for Him, dedicating your life to the service of the Lord. Spend some time waiting on the Lord today. Let His Word be your strength in times of stress. – If you would like more information, please visit our website:



5 thoughts on “ADRIAN ROGERS: How to Handle Stress

  1. Jim V.

    Hi Geri, thanks for posted. I’m admit it that I do have STRESS lately. I’ve never thought it occur in my lifetime feeling overwhelmed since pandemic broke out 2 years ago. I hated 2020 because my mother passed away June 2020 and FAKE pandemic broke out on March 2020. Our world have never been the same again. We will never get normal again.

    We as Christians have noticed that we have been feeling stress, draining, and spiritual attacked.

    I just can’t believe we are now entered this month of November. I am little nervous about the election. I know God is in control. He allowed everything happened for a reason. We human begins don’t understand why but one day up in the Heaven we would understand why.

    Can I be honest with you Geri, this is my GUT feeling, if we are still here through Thanksgiving and Christmas 2022, this will be ours last holidays. I do believe in my heart time is short. Rapture is coming. I am not setting the date, but I can feel in my bones that we will be heading home soon. I can’t wait.

    I hope things are well with you and your husband. By the way I’m glad Bibi won the election. We all need to pray for him because he is the best leader of the Israel.

    God bless

    1. God bless you too. I do hope that you are right about the Lord coming soon! I am overjoyed about Bibi! I just hope that the Leftist nuts over in Israel leave him alone!

  2. Carol

    Looking forward to listening to this. The race I’m running now that I’m a senior citizen is in the slow lane, lol. I’ve always prayed continually since I’ve always been aware of how weak my flesh is. Consistently praying these days though and loving my time with my Lord. Life in the fast lane as the Eagles song goes surely will make you lose your mind. Don’t know how people do life without the Lord.

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