12 thoughts on “Something AMAZING Happens to Joe Biden’s Account After Elon Musk Buys Twitter: ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS

  1. Stacy

    This is all a circus show. They are all involved – it’s so obvious at this point in the show. The ONLY single person we should be in awe of is our savior Jesus Christ.
    Not Elon and certainly not Trump – because they are both playing right along in this big’ole circus show.

    1. Stacy, my readers know that we as born again believers look to our Lord Jesus Christ for EVERYTHING. We also know that everything happens because He allows it. But we sometimes talk about current events, politics and other subjects which all tie in to end times prophecy. God is omniscient and omnipotent. We are still here on earth in these mortal bodies of flesh. We are anticipating the coming of our Lord Jesus to take us away from this horrible place and transform these bodies into our glorified bodies, and be united with Jesus and all of our friends and family who are part of the body of Christ. HALLELUJAH AND MARANATHA!

    2. Elon wants us (not himself) to get chips in our brains so we (not he) can be melded together into one big borg and monitored by his global satellite control system. Trump wants us (not himself) to get chipped via so-called “vaccine” and then be bullied by 5G weapons systems (but none will be deployed at Mar-a-Lago), which work in tandem with the chips to control, sicken, and kill us. I think Twitter is going to be used to entrap a lot of good, but too trusting, people. BEWARE. Actions speak louder than words. Oh, also: Please look into the Satanic Halloween costume Elon wore, complete with a Baphomet crest and upside-down Satanic cross.

      1. I do not TRUST Elon Musk either. He is Lost. But right now he is freeing up Twitter so that my posts (and other’s) about salvation through Christ are visible and not suppressed. If that results in people being saved, then that is a good thing. He is hell bound and please don’t think for a minute that he has me fooled. I doubt if he is able to be saved because God has probably given him over to a reprobate mind.

  2. Geri, thank you for what you’re doing. Not only is it valuable Kingdom work, it’s also very encouraging to see Kingdom work being done in spite of the aforementioned evil. God bless you and yours!

  3. God answers the prayers of His saints & many times will use the unsaved to accomplish His will. I’m one among many who have been praying God would open people’s minds to what is really going on by the devil’s crazy left, especially regarding abortion, infanticide, culling of our citizens thru the bogus vax, adult queers in public schools grooming kids, secret transgender propagandizing in our taxpayer supported schools behind the backs of parents etc & wake up brain dead parents. No wonder we are to pray w/o ceasing. The “list” is very long.

  4. Lisa

    Yes, he appears to be fostering freer speech, but I’m still very leery of him. His Halloween costume this year was disturbing, to say the least. Ram’s head, upside down cross, “the devil’s champion” …? “The New York-based costume store Abracadabra NYC lists the “Devil’s Champion – Leather Armor Set” at $7,500.” https://www.justjared.com/2022/10/31/elon-musk-attends-heidi-klums-halloween-party-in-a-7500-costume-with-leather-armor/

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