Shock Poll: Nearly Eight of Ten Americans Believe Country Is “Out of Control”; Independents Break Hard to GOP

BUT……..I must interject something here. The Globalists, Deepstate, WEF, Soros et al have poured $Billions into transforming America into a subservient, Left Leaning, Totalitarian Nation-State – to see it slip from their tyrannical grasp and return to the America we once knew. They will cheat, steal and God only knows what, to squash Patriots and retain power.

I would not even rule out Martial Law being instated!


With just over a week until election day, the mood of the country portends doom for the party in power–the Democrats. A new CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll shows 79 percent of Americans believe the country is “out of control” with only 21 percent saying things are “under control.” The poll also shows a sharp break by independents to Republicans took place over the past two weeks.

Since unleashing Dark Brandon on the nation, Democrats’ polling has taken a nose dive.

The views on the direction of the country and state of the economy are almost as bad. 
73 percent believe things are “going badly” in America (42 percent say very badly), only 26 percent say things are “going well” (6 percent say very well.)

69 percent say the economy is “bad” (40 percent very bad) while 27 percent say the economy is “good” (7 percent say very good.)

Joe Biden’s approve/disapprove is 44/56 (22 percent strongly approve/44 percent strongly disapprove.)

In the generic Congressional ballot preference question, Republicans have a two point advantage, 47/45 over Democrats.

Independents favor Republicans by an astonishing 49 percent to 33 percent. Two weeks ago the Democrats were favored 40 percent to 38 percent.

More views by independents favor Republicans:

The poll also shows a dramatic shift by Hispanic voters toward Republicans as compared to the 2018 midterm elections.

The poll offered a myriad of questions across many topics. One response that stood out was the failure of the Biden administration to buy political support by draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gas prices at the pump after Biden polices raised them by several dollars per gallon. Only 11 percent credit Biden and the Democrats for the price of gas while 52 percent blame them (similar numbers for the economy).

Obama said he took a shellacking in 2010. Bush said he took a thumping in 2006. What will Biden call next week’s election? Source


3 thoughts on “Shock Poll: Nearly Eight of Ten Americans Believe Country Is “Out of Control”; Independents Break Hard to GOP

  1. robinlinaz

    While I don’t trust in polls at all now, just how bad does it have to be for CBS to report the Left is going to be decimated?!

    I don’t know many people, if they are true, born-again Believers, who expect our elections to be fair, if they take place at all. The election in 2020 was stolen and many (not all but most) of the systems and processes that allowed that to happen have remained. In Arizona last week on Fox News, they accidentally published, on their news report screens, an AP election report that showed Katie Hobbs (the corrupt leftist who helped throw the election in 2020) won the governer’s race over Kari Lake by 54% to 47% percent. Oops. They said it was an error, they were just testing their system. Uh, no one is that prescient…the fix is obviously in.

    Pete Garcia and Tyler of Gen2434 did an excellent Video called Running Out of Normal last week. where Tyler made an obvious, but not well-comprehended point; if the last election was thrown and they went all-in (they did indeed) then what makes us, the average person, think that by going into a booth and making black marks on a piece of paper we will overthrow them?! We did, after all, win last time too and here we are. They are not saying not to vote, they say we should all vote. (I agree!) What they are saying is God is Sovereign and the outcome is HIS outcome, just like in 2020. The fact that our nation is still standing, our grocery stores are well-stocked, we have gas in our cars, and our power is still on, (while most of the world is coming apart) is proof that God Himself is holding us together supernaturally. He continues to bless our nation, who is obviously under judgment, for His purposes and for the good of His Children, a remnant, who are faithfully enduring, until He calls us to Him. Praise His name! We should be praising Him morning, noon, and night for His gracious protection. And we must NOT take it for granted or expect it to continue.

    We know more than any others that our only hope is in Jesus. Not the election, not the medical community, not the farmers of the world, not fuel supplies, only Jesus. As the world grows ever darker, we know we are very close to the Rapture of the Church. We, the Church, can trust ALL of Jesus’s promises.

    He said when we BEGIN to see all of the signs He gave us so we could know the season of His return, to look up, for our redemption draws nigh. It seems we are now overflowing with all of the signs He gave us: in fact we are on the outer edge of “beginning” to see!

    He is Truth, therefore we can trust in His promises. The fullness of the time of the Gentiles is near. It is an auspicious, exhilarating, wondrous, humbling and yet frightful time to be alive.

    Maranatha! Jesus, we love you and long for your soon return; all according to the will of the Father, because of Your great love, and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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