Legal Team Demands Details About California’s Infanticide Law

Have you ever thought that CA might be hit by a HUGE Tsunami as part of God’s judgment against that State?


A legal team from the American Center for Law and Justice is demanding California release details about its decision to target infants with infanticide.

The organization confirmed it has filed four records requests with the California Senate and Assembly under the state’s Legislative Open Records Act – with questions about AB 2223.

“On September 27, 2022, Gov. Newsom signed what amounts to a perinatal infanticide bill, AB 2223 (along with 12 other pro-abortion bills). As we’ve informed you, AB 2223 is especially egregious because it prevents coroners from investigating the deaths ‘related to or following known or suspected self-induced or criminal abortion,’ including deaths of babies during the ‘perinatal’ period – which is up to 28 days after birth. The bill also protects individuals from criminal or civil liability for the death of an infant during the perinatal period, if the death is ‘due to causes that occurred in utero.’ As we have explained extensively, this new law may very well have the effect of decriminalizing infanticide,” the report explained.

The organization now is insisting state officials provide all “records” regarding anyone who advocated for the law, and all “records prepared or generated, by you or your staff regarding the statute.”

The ACLJ pointed out that previously it had warned Newsom that the law “changes California law in a way that radically undermines protections for newborns.”

The warning was ignored, however.

“While the law looks like it prevents criminal or civil charges from being brought only in limited circumstances, by restricting coroners from conducting investigations, and by including a provision that imposes hefty penalties for a violation of the law, California has effectively removed protections for newborns during at least the first 28 days of their lives,” the ACLJ warned.

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“This is infanticide. Just like abortion, it is the murder of an innocent human being. But in this case, there’s no opportunity for the Left to say ‘it’s just a blob of cells.’ This law is not only allowing but requiring that the death of babies—who are born alive, citizens of the United States, and should be afforded all the rights that our Constitution is designed to protect, including the most basic of all, the right to life—go uninvestigated and unpunished,” the group said.

The California law is part of a wave of pro-abortion mandates that have been created by leftists and progressives, including virtually all members of the Democrat Party, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which struck down the seriously flawed Roe v. Wade decision from 1973 that created a federal “right” to abortion.

For example, leftists in the Colorado legislature – and governor’s office – adopted a law that declares specifically that the unborn do not have “any” rights in the state, allowing, again, abortion during that “perinatal” period.

“The passage of this bill into law is a perfect example of the fact that radical abortionists will never stop pushing to expand the killing of babies,” the ACLJ said. “While moments where evil seems to win – as with the passage of AB 2223 – are difficult and discouraging, Scripture calls us to ‘Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.’ Proverbs 31:8-9.'” Source


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  1. Donna

    Many of us who live in California who are unable to move, are Christ followers believing in life are voting against this fool of a mayor owned by Satan also pray for God’s help. If an earthquake or a tsunami hit us my pray is it takes the wicked and spares us who vote conservative are protected. Yes I know the believers in Christ Jesus get hit with the unbelieving all the time nevertheless, I can pray.

    We are not all apart of this horrible governor’s ways!!

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