6 thoughts on “ANTICHRIST? RABBI IN ISRAEL Claims He Met ‘Messiah’ in Secret Meetings and His Arrival is IMMINENT!

  1. robinlinaz

    I totally agree, the Messiah is coming for His Church, but He is not Who the Jews in Israel think.

    More great deception. It’s coming at us daily now.

  2. Jim V.

    What made this rabbi thinks he met with Messiah? Where did he meet this Messiah? I’ve wonder was rabbi telling the truth or not? Why rabbi kept so secret?

    We all knew that this Messiah is not Jesus Christ.

    Time is short.

    1. The people of Israel DO NOT know that this man is false. THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS! They will embrace the AC and 3 1/2 years into Tribulation he (AC) will cause the abomination which causes desolation and only then will the eyes of the Jewish people be opened to the truth of JESUS.

  3. I think the rapture of the church is even more eminent like it could happen at any moment. After that event I believe the world will be in complete turmoil. Hundreds & hundreds of millions of people all over the world popping up outa their graves, the sea or wherever they died at the same time joining we who are alive all rocketing up into the air to meet the REAL Messiah. Hard for the world to miss that event. What a great time for Satan to usher in the fake “messianic” a/c who conveniently has all the “answers” to the instant worldwide mass exodus of the dead & living + the ability to organize the unprecedented chaos into some kind of normalcy & win the trust of the world, even the Jews.
    The Jews will love the fake a/c because they love signs & wonders & he can supply a bunch. They are looking for A messiah but not the real Christ cuz they hate Him. The real Christ didn’t deliver them from the Romans or enslavement but this fake will be what their itching ears want as a deliverer & conqueror. The Jews & the world will buy into the devil-man’s great gift for fakery & even his lying promise to protect & restore them (as in King David’s reign) the Temple will be built, sacrifices allowed & the 7 year protective covenant for Israel in place. Oh boy real (bogus) peace & safety at last! I think the Rapture will precede the a/c fake messiah because we are instructed to look for the Blessed Hope NOT the a/c. If we were to look for Satan’s evil proxy, our absolutely trustworthy Lord God of all creation would tell us.

    1. The devil has made sure that many in Israel and the top rabbis are Kaballists – mystical new agers. This is what will cloud their judgment and embrace the man of sin as their falst messiah. I’ve written a few articles on this. Maybe it’s time for a new one…….

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