1. robinlinaz

    The gate is small…

    I’m not sure if I mentioned it here, but there is a huge “Christian” church in my community that is advertising a Scare House for October 20-21 for Halloween. To make certain I didn’t misunderstand what they were doing, I came home, searched their calendar and sure enough, it is a House of Horrors.

    We have passed far beyond preaching health, wealth and prosperity, as is evidenced by that story you posted Geri, of the abominable “United whatever” church and their drag queen clergy. when I read the story in the link, they have about 65 people in their congregation (NONE of them can be Christians), but they are on the cutting edge, don’tchaknow?! After the Rapture they’ll probably grow to hundreds, if not thousands, of members.

    Back to that local church; I emailed them a message letting them know they would have to account to Jesus for their activities, which are in full cooperation with Satan, on Judgment Day. The message was probably was given a moment’s consideration, and then a rationalization of “But surely Jesus will understand we are trying to bring in the lost with our haunted house.” He already addressed this when He said in Luke 6:39 “He also told them a parable: Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?”

    The window to escape the horrific trials coming upon all earth dwellers is closing. Maranatha!

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