Comment from Robin Linaz on “Poking the Bear”

Well, it IS war after all. And clearly, no one invloved is playing by the established rules of war, per the Geneva Convention.

Now I wonder if we’ve done that too. And by proxy the answer is yes, because the West is supplying Ukraine with everything to keep this war going until it escalates and engulfs the world. That’s the agenda, after all. (Satan loves war and war is coming, all over the world.) There will be major retaliation by Russia for what has happened over the past 10 days; the globalists are probably wondering just what it’s going to take to get Putin to retaliate in a BIG way.

My bet is on a major EMP attack because that will totally destroy our economy, and eventually our nation, without actually launching nukes. (It sounds crazy but remember the X-Files TV show predicted a 9/11 attack on NYC in one of their episodes almost 10 months before it happened. They also did an episode that predicted a massive EMP attack against us, so I’m guessing that’s next. Satan, the ultimate imitator, prophecies his plans using the power of the air.) 

With an EMP attack our resources remain in place, but leave us desolate and defenseless, pushing us back to the early 19th century in living conditions and technology use. That is the perfect setting to invite the Russians and Chinese to immediately invade us before we can effectively retaliate. We already know we have a government that is on their team, not ours, so meaningful resistance would be difficult, if it was even attempted. I grieve for our nation and those in the armed forces, brave soldiers and patriots, who would feel complete helplessness in that situation.

I know God is sovereign and it is His plan to put an end to sin through all of this. What a battle in the Heavens must be raging now, since what is happening there is playing out to a lesser degree here on Earth.

These are times for Christians to put on the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD, we’ll need it like never before. We must remember, our Almighty God is the Lord of Armies, and He is already victorious, and we are victorious in Him.


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