5 thoughts on “HOPE FOR OUR TIMES With Pastor Tom Hughes: Interviewing Monkey Werx – We’re About to See Things We’ve Never Seen!

  1. How strange that your Americans can imagine that other countries are more dangerous than YOU! And that your WASP, gun-toting, Consumerist junk-food Capitalism is either ‘Kingdom Now’ – or conversely ‘Babylon’ – which is more like it, but even that is egotistic, as all four/feet ‘Beast’ Kingdoms are always centred in Euro-Asia… And who hugely started this war in Ukraine by toppling Ukraines legit president in 2014, and deliberately pushing at Russia’s borders with NATO & EU – the WEST?! Not that Ras/Putain is remotely innocent, but at least he recognises how morally bankrupt the post-Christian West is…….And like your common, typically American, ‘pre-Trib’ – even pre- ’70th Week Futurism’ – you are again way off beam, and almost bound to fail the promised persecution…. WAKEUP!!

    1. OH – I AM awake!! Much of what you said about the U.S. is true. But there is something I must remind you about. If it was not for America entering WWII – Britain and much of Europe would be speaking GERMAN!

      1. Jim V.

        You are right about if it was not for America enter WW2, Europe would be speaking German. God bless you Geri and your husband.

      2. RR

        The Nazis won WWII and that is taught in at least one college that I have direct knowledge of. I have other sources of this same information.

        Not speaking German is just one of the ways Americans have been able to be fooled.

        The Nuremberg trials were largely show trials as the Generals were convicted but were released from prison in a short time.
        Isn’t Satan clever?

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