Seattle Children’s Hospital Seeing a Major Surge in ER Patients for Alarming Reason -We’ve Converted a Storage Room into Patient Care Space



A hospital in Seattle has come face-to-face with the unexpected consequences of masking little children, and it is sending the hospital into a panic in trying to address the issue.

Seattle Children’s Hospital has found a startling number of people flooding its emergency room as the normal fall flu season begins to kick in, according to Seattle’s KING-TV.

Seattle Children’s Emergency Medicine Medical Director Dr. Tony Woodward raised the alarm, telling the station that the hospital’s emergency room is overflowing with people facing the usual number of winter viruses aside from COVID-19 and its variants.

Children are coming in from all over the area after being exposed to the viruses that they had not been exposed to when schools were closed and they were forced to wear masks everywhere, Woodward said.

“Many kids have worn masks in school during the pandemic. But now that the mask mandates have been lifted, kids [are] getting sicker. That’s in addition to the fact that local pediatric beds are full in most hospitals. That means most patients are now going to the ER instead,” KING-TV reported.

The flood of patients in Seattle should have been an easy one to project, especially after the Biden administration continued its anti-science recommendations, despite the many doctors advising an end to strict COVID policies. After all, numerous studies have shown that children are at a much lower risk of contracting or spreading the coronavirus.

Other studies even showed that mask use had little effect at all on stopping the transmission of the coronavirus. And more even claimedthat wearing a mask is more dangerous than not wearing one at all, especially with all the toxins they accumulate.

Consequently, top medical authorities have been warning for some time that schools should dump their masking policies.

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Woodward warned that this problem will only get worse in Seattle as we move deeper into the fall flu season. He also said that his hospital has taken extraordinary measures to address the growing problem.

“We’ve converted a storage room into patient care space; we have a tent. We see patients in a tent,” Woodward told the station. “It’s dissatisfying for everyone; for the staff, for the physicians, for the families to be seen in these ancillary spaces, but that’s the only way we can do it because we don’t have enough physical beds.”

The hospital stressed on its website that ER visits are not for non-emergency injuries, and parents should make appointments with their primary care physicians for those issues.

The website also maintains a list of issues that should be treated in the ER as opposed to the issues that should be treated by a family doctor or urgent care.

Authorities also note that the ER and urgent care do not provide well-child checkups, sports physicals or return-to-play evaluations after a concussion.

The end of masking in schools is a long time coming. Even as early as January, top doctors were urging states to eliminate school masking policies.

One problem many schools face, though, is the stubborn refusal to listen to the science, as exhibited by the nation’s powerful teachers’ unions, many of which outrageously claimed that closing schools and masking kids were “safer” for teachers.

And even after the CDC and other authorities started saying that schools should be open for in-class learning, many teachers’ unions were lobbying for just the opposite, the New York Times reported early this year.

Many woke administrators are also to blame. It has gotten so bad that in August, one California principal called the cops on a little boy who refused to wear a mask in school. The principal wanted the 4-year-old barred from school over his masking transgression.

With all this, it is clear that it is long past time for America to get past this obsession with masks. It seems like they have done more harm than good. Source

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8 thoughts on “Seattle Children’s Hospital Seeing a Major Surge in ER Patients for Alarming Reason -We’ve Converted a Storage Room into Patient Care Space

  1. robinlinaz

    I wonder how many of these children have been jabbed, or live with parents who have been, increasing their risk of health issues that are demonstrably caused by shedding?!

    Unless they repent, there is a special place in Hell for all of the people who inflicted this upon the world. And I believe what we are seeing with C-19 and the mRNA poisons are the shadows of the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse.

    Regardless, it hurts to know what has been done to our children. Lord please bless and save them!

    1. I pray for my children and grandchildren every day. They all got Jabbed and boosted and happily wore masks. Sometimes I just sit and cry when I think of it.

      1. robinlinaz

        That is just awful, I’m sorry Geri.

        We aren’t in the Tribulation yet, but we are all suffering great trials.

        I am praying for your family. Hugs and love.

  2. Jim V.

    Geri, Seattle Children is not far where I live. To tell you the truth, Seattle people are the most liberal I’ve ever seen. I live in Seattle and King County is 77.2 % of Democrats and Republicans (I can’t remember the percentage?) very low percentage. Northwest Pacific are one of the weirdest state I ever seen. I regretted moved here 32 years ago and few years ago I’ve tried to move back my home state at Mid West. Long story. I told my family members and my friends, don’t move to Washington State.

    My neighborhoods, I’ve seen several kids wore the masks and I believe they were jabbed because of their parents too as well. On my street, my gut tells me that those people are very liberal and Democrats. I’ve told my wife, we need to move.
    And several signs on the front lawn, BLACK LIVE MATTER, BIDEN, DEMOCRATS and Rainbow flag (homosexual) several blocks where I live. I felt sick and disgusting. Seattle people are very, very very weird. I can’t explained. Seattle Crime is becoming faster, faster, and faster. They hate the Police. They strong support defund the Police. Unbelievable. As you know Bill Gates lives in Media, not far away from Seattle. Headquarter is in Redmond. I’ve heard the rumor that Gates controls the state of Washington, I’m not surprised because he is a super weatlhy man. He’s evil.

    If I remember correctly that kids wear the mask, it can making them stupid and decrease of their brain (can’t think of the word) sorta like weaker and weaker and breaking down the cells of the brain. It is/was scary and very evil act of the Globalists. And I noticed that kids are becoming somewhat strange behavior for last 2 years and half. Heartbreaking. I would say this, I blame at the parents because they were the ones decided to get their children get jabbed and mask. I know sometime parents don’t know what to do, but they should have further researched first. Just saying. Parents are easily submissive to the authorities.

    1. I have heard from many people about the crazy leftist liberalism in Washington state. We live in Maryland and this is a very Blue state, but I wouldn’t say that people are nuts. It is suh a shame about the children and what mask wearing has done to them! COME LORD JESUS!!

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