Israel government investigating rabies vaccine for animals after 10 adverse events: What – Now Dogs are Being Culled?


Israel’s Minister of Agriculture (MoA) has launched an investigation into the NOBIVAC® rabies vaccine for animals after adverse events were reported at a higher-than-normal rate, according to Ynet News. 

The MoA issued a statement saying that the ten reported verified adverse event reports – out of 100,000 vaccinations – included side effects “characteristic of any vaccine,” such as “fever and local pain to allergy and shock symptoms. It should be emphasized that no case of death was found.” 

The MoA is therefore investigating the vaccine. 

“The Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor the reports, and is in contact with the importer and the global manufacturer. At the same time, the veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture are in contact with the authorized veterinarians and veterinary clinics.” 

The Association of Veterinarians for Pets in Israel said in a Facebook post that there were three reported hospitalizations. 

“We know of three cases that required hospitalization and several dozen reports of local symptoms, who were immediately treated with antihistamines and released,” Dr. Hilik Marom told Ynet. “It’s important to understand that clinically, things like this happen. It could be that there was a particular shipment that did not meet proper conditions, a manufacturing fault or even a problem within the normal statistics.” 

“But someone needs to check it,” the veterinarian group added. “And the only ones who can check this are the MSD Animal Health company, which produces and imports the vaccines, and the Ministry of Agriculture.” 

The government’s response to the rabies vaccine contrasts considerably with its response to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

In May, a study was published showing a 25% uptick in reported cardiac events among young Israeli men, entirely correlated with the COVID-19 injection. But not only did Israel’s Ministry of Health (MoH) refuse to investigate, but it immediately dismissed the study because it was not peer-reviewed. When it was finally peer-reviewed, the MoH still attacked it on social media with misleading and even irrelevant arguments
Israel is not the only country seeing a dangerous fallout from the injections. Even mainstream media are reporting a rise in mysterious, sudden deaths among young, healthy people which continues to baffle doctors.
But unlike the rabies shot, the COVID-19 shot’s adverse events are not being investigated. 
“I don’t understand why it’s not being dealt with with a sense of urgency,” Dr. Drew Pinsky told Dr. Kelly Victory on Ask Dr. Drew last week. “To me, it’s like what they’re saying is ‘oh, this really isn’t real.’ Maybe we are overreporting it, but then publish something that tells me that that’s the case. And I don’t think that’s what they’re finding.” 

America’s Frontline News reported in June that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did not monitor the COVID-19 injection’s safety as they said they would, according to a letter written by the agency in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. SOURCE



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  1. Obviously Billy boy Gates must not have a financial interest in critter rabies vaccines or his media etc would quash any negative news on the stuff. Critters aren’t a threat to his aspiring global empire kingship…we the people are. We haven’t learned yet that we must sit, roll over, fetch & bow to the world’s future Satanic a/c image on command so we can “own nothing & be happy” or be culled like a dog.

  2. Nita

    I have a little yorkie and I stopped all of her shots 4years ago because of side effects. I don’t even give her heart worm meds. She is on petmedin bc of congestive heart failure. I wish I had been more educated on giving my boys vaccines when they were little or they would not have been given those poison shots.

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