IT’S LIKE BEGGING GOD FOR THE HARSHEST JUDGMENT IMAGINABLE: Gay Nightclub Allows Child Attendance at Upcoming ‘all ages’ Drag Show

This is not the first time The Flame has held a so-called “kid-friendly” drag show.

“Then He said to the disciples, “It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!  It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones” (Luke 17:1-2).


A drag queen takes tips from children during an all-ages drag show at the Duluth Flame in June. (Libs of TikTok/Twitter)

A gay nightclub in downtown Duluth is hosting an “all ages drag show” this Labor Day.

According to an event page posted to Facebook, The Flame Nightclub Duluth is partnering with Duluth Superior Pride to host the drag show on Monday afternoon, Sept. 5.

Entry for each adult is just $5, and all children get in free.

“Join us for this kid-friendly, sober, and exciting event. Princesses, villains, and many other characters are scheduled to perform,” the event description reads. “Refreshments and kiddie cocktails will be provided at no charge.”

The event is taking place as part of the “Duluth-Superior GLBTAQI+ Pride Festival,” a series of events taking place across Labor Day weekend, from Thursday, Sept. 1 through Monday, Sept. 5.

Other “pride” festival events include art exhibitions, drag queen story time, comedy and drag shows, parties, and a Sunday parade in Superior, Wis., right across the bay from Duluth.

In addition to the “all ages” drag show, The Flame Nightclub Duluth is also hostingits regular Saturday night drag show, which “will be taken over with PRIDE” for the festival.

This is not the first time The Flame has held a so-called “kid-friendly” drag show. Back in May, the nightclub held an event called “Mama’s Toybox” with eight different drag “performers.”

Video from that event showed “a man, dressed as a woman, with his buttocks completely exposed gyrating amidst a crowd of kids whose parents gave them money to offer as tips,” as Alpha News reported in June.

In an interview with local news station Fox 21, one of the drag queens made it clear that he wanted to “give the kids an opportunity to see what drag queen or drag queen life is like.”

The drag queen encouraged children to “dress up” and “don’t be shy,” while a Fox 21 news anchor referred to the event as “something special geared toward the youth.” Source

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12 thoughts on “IT’S LIKE BEGGING GOD FOR THE HARSHEST JUDGMENT IMAGINABLE: Gay Nightclub Allows Child Attendance at Upcoming ‘all ages’ Drag Show

  1. robinlinaz

    If I owned a business anywhere near that location in downtown Duluth, I’d make sure my fire insurance was current. And I’d be looking for a new place to open shop.

    God will not be mocked. This is an abomination, and The Flame is begging to be incinerated. Just unbelievable, what parent would participate in these events?!

    Lord please have mercy and save those children!

  2. Those parents need to have their heads examined. Just a few years back, almost all parents from every walk of life and every religion (or non-religion) would’ve known how inappropriate this is for kids. Nowadays…? MARANATHA, indeed.

    1. robinlinaz

      Exactly! This is an obvious demonstration that God’s restraint upon our nation is being lifted, all part of His judgement. What more evidence do people need to know they should repent?!

  3. carlan

    Those Parents and queers should be arrested for letting their children participate in that. Why aren’t churches Protesting establishments like that?, they don’t say a Peep. I guess they think they will Offend the Devil or lose there Tax exempt status.

    1. We yearn to be with Him. This world is not our home and the level of EVIL is beyond belief. Judgment is coming and those who have rejected the Lord of Glory have NO idea about their destination. Most of them have been given over to their reprobate minds. JESUS JESUS JESUS We want to be with you LORD!!!

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