6 thoughts on “A Video of the So-called ‘Insurrectionists’ Being INVITED IN by Capitol Police

  1. What channel was this video on? I’d like to download it but the options to do so are grayed out indicating its not an option

  2. Dale Vernon

    U can tell by this vid these folks are a definite threat to our democracy. I noticed none of these rabid “maniacs” were ever asked for ID or searched by the police nor were troops obviously present. No one was seen to be handcuffed or arrested. To me it looked more like some kind of scruffy looking tour group as the police are opening the entrance doors for them. I think I’d feel safer with this group of “society threats” than walking around some of our neighborhoods when Soros calls out his renta-mobs to pillage & burn for real. Apparently the Police didn’t feel threatened & that is their job to recognize real threats. The demoncrat white house govt might have a new slogan, “Don’t tread on me”…It’s our property not yours or else we jail u peasants & throw away the key & BTW bring ur own kangaroo to OUR court.

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