Bilderbergers Meet in D.C. to Plan Your Future: If They Only Knew Our REAL Future and More Importantly – THEIRS


And oh, by the way……Henry Kissinger was in attendance.

A secretive international organization of some of the most important “movers and shakers” from North America and Europe are meeting this weekend to “foster dialogue” on issues that affect the lives of American citizens, as well as those of citizens in Europe and the rest of North America.

It is the 68th annual Bilderberg meeting, with 120 participants from 21 countries. Named after the hotel where they held their initial meeting in 1954, they discuss issues of interest to the globalist-minded attendees.

This year, the topics for discussion include geopolitical realignments, NATO challenges, China, Indo-Pacific Realignment, Sino-U.S. Tech Competition, Russia, Continuity of Government and the Economy, Disruption of the Global Financial System, Disinformation, Energy Security and Sustainability, Post Pandemic Health, Fragmentation of Democratic Societies, Trade and Deglobalization, and Ukraine.

Exactly what will be said on these topics and what action, if any, will be taken concerning them is highly confidential. According to their website, they operate under the “Chatham House Rule,” which states that participants “are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor any other participant may be revealed.”

While many of the participants hold high-ranking government positions in their separate nations, “the participants take part as individuals rather than in any official capacity, and hence are not bound by the conventions of their office or by pre-agreed positions.”

So, what do they do at this conference? According to the Bilderbergers, they “take time to listen, reflect and gather insights. There is no detailed agenda, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken and no policy statements are issued.”

If one reads that statement carefully, one can get a pretty good idea of the purpose of the annual meeting. First, they “gather insights.” In other words, they are told what the globalist position is on the various issues that are discussed. Secondly, the assertion that “no resolutions are proposed,” and “no votes are taken,” is rather meaningless. After all, if they are there simply to “gather insights,” there is really nothing to vote on.

While the official statement is that there is no “detailed” agenda, this does not mean that there is no agenda. An examination of the topics for discussion essentially establishes the globalist agenda of the group. For example, this year they are discussing “disinformation.” The fact that President Joe Biden attempted to establish an office of “disinformation” in the Department of Homeland Security — and that the Biden Administration considers opposing viewpoints on issues such as gun control and climate change to be “disinformation”  gives us a pretty good idea of what Biden’s fellow internationalists consider “disinformation.”

Then there is the list of attendees, drawn from the elites of Europe and North America — government officials, corporate heads, media moguls, and the like. Some examples from government include the minister of foreign affairs for the European Union; the director of the Central Intelligence Agency; the ambassador of Ukraine to the United States; the president of the European Council; the secretary of commerce; a U.S. senator; members of the House of Commons; heads of militaries; and the vice president of the European Commission.

From the corporate world, there is Albert Bourla, the chairman and CEO of Pfizer. If one wonders just how Pfizer was able to get the lucrative contract to develop a Covid vaccine, this should provide some understanding. It might also explain why Pfizer announced that its vaccine was ready one week after the 2020 presidential election, rather than one week before — although Pfizer protested that politics had nothing to do with the timing of the announcement.

Then, we have the CEO of Sweden’s Volvo Group. And for all of the supposed competition between the corporate world and organized labor, Mary Kay Henry, the international president of the Service Employees International Union — one of the most leftist of all labor unions — made her way to the nation’s capital to “gather insights.”

Several powerful individuals from the world of media — both in the North America and in Europe — are also present at the conference, including a writer from The Atlantic, the vice-president of Facebook, the editor-in-chief of The Economist, and the former chairman of Google.

Other familiar names at the conference include the old globalist Henry Kissinger and retired political General David Petraeus.

We can expect these politicians, corporate executives, media leaders, and the like to soon begin parroting the “insights” they have “gathered” at this conference on issues such as “disinformation,” trade, post-pandemic health, “sustainability,” and NATO “challenges.” (Perhaps the biggest challenge for NATO is to explain why an organization supposedly created to combat the threat of the Soviet Union continues to exist).

Additionally, we can expect to see some attendees eventually rise to high positions in their governments, if they are not in such positions already. For example, when he was still a rather obscure governor of the small state of Arkansas, Bill Clinton attended the 1991 conference. The next year he was elected president of the United States, defeating another former attendee, George Herbert Walker Bush. In 1964, and again in 1966, Gerald Ford was at the meeting. Less than a decade later, he was president of the United States.

These meetings are not just a long weekend of free-wheeling discussion of current events. The attendees are very powerful individuals in their own countries who are developing strategies to enlarge the scope of supernational “cooperation.” For all the media’s talk about “democracy,” the voice of the little guy and gal is not heard at these conferences. If you have ever wondered why certain issues — and certain positions on those issues — suddenly emerge and are parroted in the media, the corporate world, entertainment, and by those in government, you would probably know the answer if you could be a “fly on the wall” at one of these meetings. 

As 19th-century British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli said, “Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.” One wonders what Disraeli would have to say about the Bilderberg meetings. Source

This morning as I thought about this “Secret Society” meeting in D.C. – less than a half hour from me, I found myself becoming angry. I mean, who elected them? They elected themselves!

But then reality hit me square between the eyes. I thought “What can I do about these people?” And then that still small voice inside said “Pray.”

And I did.



Why Western Civilization is Going South: And Why Nationalism is a Healthy Ideology

Oh, and why Biden is the WORST president in the history of our country.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” ~ Rahm Emanuel

History attributes quite a few people with this quote on “a crisis.” But the one we remember from recent times is from Rahm Emanuel.

“Resetting the world isn’t something you can pull off by just pushing a button. It requires a series of well-designed global crises.”  
Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum


Why is so much of life out of control?  Gas is becoming unaffordable, food is expensive.  Crime has taken over major cities with career criminals freely roaming the streets.  Corruption has become commonplace and no one is held to account. The FBI is no longer the revered institution it once was. Our borders no longer exist. Government is unresponsive.  Our children are no longer being educated. We have lost trust in our election system and mass shootings are becoming frequent.  To top it off, the current administration is scrambling to find a way to disarm citizens.  All within the last 18 months.

I will say right off the bat that the reason so much of government changed for the better under the previous administration was that Trump was a nationalist.  America came first and he owed no political favors. That is no longer the case. Only an idiot would restrict domestic oil production and then beg Saudi Arabia for oil.  So, it must be the plan.

Politicians won’t talk about it, the mass media won’t report on it, commentators won’t comment on it, and Wikipedia still calls it a conspiracy theory

The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced and continues to announce a global reset endeavor aligned with the UN, billionaire elites, environmental wackos, multi-national corporations, NGO’s, major heads of state, and politicians from everywhere. Their private jets litter the airports of Geneva and Davos, Switzerland, to attend meetings to plan and facilitate the takeover of nothing less than the entire planet. 

If you read their literature and are reasonably educated, you come up with only one goal…to re-create nothing less than a new serfdom, all to save the planet, they claim.  You will live where they say, eat what they say, worship who they say. No more Christianity, Christmas or Easter celebrations, no more Constitution or Bill of Rights, no more single-family homes or private schools, no more parental rights, and you will own nothing and you WILL be disarmed.  And to them nothing means nothing. You will rent everything you need, and they decide what you need.  Surprisingly, they are quite upfront about the whole thing. Of course, the elites will give up none of their possessions or lifestyle.  

Politicians won’t talk about it, the mass media won’t report on it, commentators won’t comment on it, and Wikipedia still calls it a conspiracy theory.

To get any semblance of acceptance for a mass reset, a re-alignment of global civilization as we know it, you must give people a reason for it.  The reasons given by the globalists is climate change, and a marked deterioration of civilization. There has always been climate change that required minor life adjustments over great periods of time, but nothing that requires a global shift in civilization.  

Here is the aberration…civilization IS falling apart.  But, why?  Read the above quote repeatedly until you understand what we are up against.

THEY must destroy our culture and the middle class, the foundation of our strength

It is coming apart because the WEF wants it to.  They must destroy our culture and the middle class, the foundation of our strength.  We are living through a series of well-designed, well-planned global crises. The wars and rumors of war, the programmed demise of Putin, who will not cooperate with the globalists, the plandemic, with more to come, and the lockdowns.  They have manufactured the inflation, the food shortages, much of it from the destruction of hundreds of food processing plants around the world, and the cost of fossil fuel energy. The legalization of marijuana. Yes, weed!  George Soros supported and funded much of the effort to legalize marijuana.  Why?  Today’s marijuana is much stronger than it was years ago, contributing to the increased mental illness, making it conceivable to activate crazies to conduct mass shootings, only to have the police sit around and do nothing, and then cry out for gun control.  

Gun confiscation is their greatest ambition.  It has nothing to do with public safety. It has everything to do with the elite’s safety.  If they can disarm the public, they can accomplish any culture transformation without resistance.  Ask Hitler, Stalin,  Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, on and on.

We have a hole in competent leadership you could drive a truck through.  Sexual immorality is now rampant, even the Marine Corp is celebrating LBGTQ Pride month in June with many other events scheduled, especially for children.  The whole country is being turned into a circus.  Evil is now described as virtue.  We substitute ignorance for wisdom. 

You must suspend some of your common sense and apply some imagination, and reasoning.  For the past ten years or so, the orders to begin in earnest of the dismantling of Western Civilization began in part with The Great Migrant Crisis of Europe.  It saw over a million migrants enter Europe with no intention of assimilating, creating soaring crime and violence. The illegal immigrant population in the USA was counted as 11 million for decades.  Ridiculous, it’s double that.

Our president lives in a fog of deceit and ignorance

hile Trump was president, we attempted to get control over our borders, build a wall, get a handle on the drug trade, bring manufacturing back, become energy independent, return patriotism to our country.  When Trump left office, having been subjected to a coup, and it was, all controls, all semblance of law and order were removed…drugs now flow freely, migrants enter freely as well, many diseased,  2 million in just 18 months.  Has anyone made any sense of opening our borders during a pandemic?

Our president lives in a fog of deceit and ignorance.  He hardly knows where he is half the time, but his past corruption is only now beginning to be evident.  

Democrats pass trillions of dollars in legislation authorizing a Build Back Better program and nothing gets built.  It’s sort of like the Clinton Foundation. Collect hundreds of millions of dollars, pass out the favors, spend millions in salaries, office and transportation costs, end up giving away maybe 5% and call it good.  Everything the Biden administration does is a distraction from the real goal…dismantle the United States.  They are all in on the Great Reset!  Nothing they say is true.  The Left has not hidden their distain for our country.  And now is their chance, and they have taken it.  

If we can get a handle on this, if the Lord God sees fit to give us a reprieve to make it right, if there is to be any history to write, Biden will go down as the worst president in American history, the overseer of what could be America’s downfall with Obama hiding in the shadows as orchestrator for the global elites. Source

We don’t know how this will play out, but from where I sit, it seems that these devils are bringing the latest version of the Tower of Babel to fruition.

But just as God thwarted Nimrod by dividing the languages, He may have a plan to stop this. We know that He CAN. The question is “Will God allow this to happen to further fulfill Bible prophecy?”

The wonderful, incredible and exciting thing is this: