Orthodox Jewish Conservatives – Johns Hopkins Falling Apart – and a Brother in Christ who Simply MADE MY DAY!

Strange title you say? As you read this piece, the title will become more clear.

Some of my Facebook friends know that I have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. It’s called AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration). It is quite common; especially in us ‘older folks.’

I have other pesky problems with my eyes which do interfere with my vision; especially since I spend such a great deal of time on my laptop – researching and writing. One of those problems is fourth nerve palsy of my right eye. My Neuroopthomologist at Hopkins said that this was most likely from a head injury which I sustained when I was 17 years old. It has caused a condition called Strabismus which does not allow my eyes to work as a team and causes double vision when I am very tired.

Johns Hopkins

Thinking that perhaps I had large cataracts which would need removing, I made an appointment with an eye doctor at Wilmer Eye Institute at Hopkins. I had been told about 5 years ago that I had cataracts but they were very small and I did not need surgery at that time.

Much to my surprise, the cataracts were still tiny and I did not need surgery. But also to my surprise I was told that I had Macular Degeneration (MD). I had many questions about MD and proceeded to ask the doctor. He told me that there is no cure. I asked if there is something that I could do to slow down the MD.

He told me that there were vitamins which I could find at the drug store. I asked him the name of them (twice) and each time he would segue to a different topic. He did make it clear that MD was not his specialty, and then told me to make an appointment to see him in a year.

Wait a Year to see a doctor who does not treat my condition?

I asked the doctor if there was an eye specialist for Macular Degeneration. His answer to me was “You don’t need to see him now – maybe sometime down the road. To say that I was not a satisfied patient walking out of Johns Hopkins that day would be a gross understatement!

The New Doctor

Whenever I am considering using a new doctor, I always go to Healthgrades.com or other websites which allow you to see ratings of various doctors. I was amazed to see Dr. Elman had well over 200 5-star ratings! Usually on these sites there are only about 10 reviews. He was a Retina Specialist and that is the kind of eye doctor who treats MD. I called and made an appointment. I went to see him yesterday.

Kippahs Kippahs Everywhere!

After I checked in and took a seat, I began to look around. I thought to myself that this man must be very well known with a great reputation – the waiting room was packed!

I saw some of his male staff members and they were all wearing kippahs (skull caps) or as we called them in synagogue – Yarmulkes. As a Jew, this did make me smile.

The Brother in Christ

A black man who was wearing a beautiful Cross sat in a chair across from me. He struck up a conversation with me, and before long we both realized that we were brother and sister in Christ. It was truly amazing. We were both quoting Scripture and talking about heaven.

People were listening to our conversation. It was a “God thing.” I was praying the whole time that those who heard us would be drawn by the Holy Spirit. Then he was called in and I said to him “I’ll see you in heaven, brother.” He smiled and nodded his head and then went back to be seen.

May I ask the readers to pray for that brother? I don’t know his name but God knows who he is! He told me that he was caring for his mother who also had MD – she is in her 90’s. I could tell that he was stressed from everything. Our prayers for him will be heard.

Conservative Orthodox Jews

Then it was my turn to be seen. The technician did the preliminary tests on me and took my history. I told her that I was a writer and had been struggling with poor vision for some time. Then the doctor came in wearing his kippah. He said that he heard that I was a writer and asked me what I write about.

I must say that it took me by surprise when he asked me. I took a deep breath and said to him “Well, among other things – I am a staunch Conservative.” If the reader remembers, I have written much about many Jewish people being Leftists. I was so happy and relieved when he said to me “You are VERY welcome here!”

At the end of the appointment, it was just myself and the doctor. He asked me what I thought of Biden. Boy oh boy did we ever have a discussion about him!

I said to the doctor “That crash of his bicycle was a clear picture of what he is doing to our economy.” The doctor said “That is an excellent analogy!”

What a day that was! I am praying that Dr. Elman was curious enough to find this blog. I am also praying that he will see that I am a Jewish believer and that the Lord will open his eyes and heart!



21 thoughts on “Orthodox Jewish Conservatives – Johns Hopkins Falling Apart – and a Brother in Christ who Simply MADE MY DAY!

  1. Dale Vernon

    Count it as another divine appointment! I love those kind of clinical visits. Did u get treatment or positive whatever for ur eyes? Sounds like a very unusual Jewish person. Nice to know all are not on the demoncratic Titanic.

    1. Yes. Dale – he gave me a sample of the vitamins called AREDS 2, and he ordered a machine which I will use once daily – I look into the viewer (Like binoculars) and it reads my eyes. It will let me know if I should call the doctor. He told me that MD can turn nasty suddenly. I trust this doctor and I thank God for him.

  2. Rhonda Cromwick

    Dear sister Geri,
    This article is right up my alley.
    Love it! As a Jewish believer and a missionary with save the Jews.org, I pray and love these type of divine appts!
    Keep it up girl! Praying for the brother and his mom. For the doc to have the veil removed from his eyes. That he meets his Jewish Messiah 🙏🏽
    ❤️ Rhonda

  3. julieg777

    Just said a prayer for the brother and his mother. Glad you found a decent doctor you can trust.

  4. God is so good! His favour surrounds you Geri! Praise God and believing new supplements and machine will help! God makes a way and gives us Divine appointments and Divine connection. Love and prayers!

  5. cmleutbecherattnet

    Geri: I am 82 and also have cataracts and found an excellent eye supplement from Life Extension called Macuguard and you can find it on Amazon. You only have to take one soft gel a day and I have definitely seen improvement in my eyesight. You have nothing to lose by taking it and it’s cheap. I encourage you to take it. Bill

  6. LV McGraw

    What a wonderful story!! I love those kind of encounters. It’s the favor of God. My sister has the exact same kind of eye problem you have. Her Doctor gave her AREDS 2 and told her as long as she took them she would be OK. Praying for you, the brother-in-Christ you met in the waiting room and the Doctor, too. Be blessed.

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