An Explanation of why an article is missing

Just a short note of explanation as to why “The Whole World is a Stage” is now missing. Although much of what was said in the video was true, I had a check in my spirit that something was not quite right.

A brother in Christ wrote an email to me questioning the wisdom of putting that on this WordPress. I took that as a confirmation that something was indeed not right and it was “Extra Biblical Revelation as coming directly from God. This is wrong, brothers and sisters.

EVERYTHING we need is found in the Word of God!

Look to the Lord and Him alone for wisdom!


12 thoughts on “An Explanation of why an article is missing

  1. Pam

    I didn’t see the video so wanted to know if they were referring to the deuterocanonical books?

  2. Dennis

    Your website is a blessing to me everyday. Your writings are always first class. Thank you.

  3. ScottT

    When King David told Nathan the prophet of his desire to build a temple for the Name of the Lord, the God of Israel, Nathan joined immediately in King David’s enthusiasm. Then God provided Nathan with the vision that David was not build the temple. Nathan had to return to David and tell him not to build the temple after all. It is so hard for me personally to admit I was was wr..wrrr….wrong when I have to admit my mistake to someone. You have my greatest respect, Geri, for pulling this video. I could not watch all of it because it set off my creepy factor detector.

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