The Epitome of Despicable Reckless Lawlessness: Reagan Shooter John Hinckley to Perform at Sold Out NY Show

Who knows? Maybe he’s programmed in his cells to receive commands to carry out a mass shooting at his concert. Sorry if that shocks you, but it’s happening all over folks.


In this Nov. 18, 2003, file photo, John Hinckley arrives at U.S. District Court in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

John Hinckley, the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan four decades ago, will be playing a sold-out show in Brooklyn this summer.

Hinckley first announced the July 8 concert taking place at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, on Twitter on April 8 and days later revealed that the tickets had sold out. Tickets were selling for $20. The venue has a capacity of 450 people but it’s unclear how many tickets were sold for the show, the Daily Mail reported.

While Hinckley will forever be known for his 1981 attempted assassination, he now is a singer and guitarist who performs covers and original songs to more than 26,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The response to the Market Hotel’s decision to host Hinckley has been divided. While many expressed excitement to see him live and in person, others chided the venue for giving him a platform and putting him in the spotlight. The Market Hotel responded to the backlash in a tweet defending Hinckley.

“The man served 40 years in prison/mental health treatment, paid his debt to society,” the tweet read. “Several darlings of indie music had mental health issues + committed violence/tried to kill people. Daniel Johnston for instance attempted murder more than once and tried to crash an airplane.”

Hinckley’s failed assassination attempt was to impress Jodie Foster, who according to reports he was obsessed with, and while the outcome was not what he had intended, the shooting left Reagan press secretary James Brady paralyzed, and Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy and Washington police officer Thomas Delahanty injured, according to Mediaite

Ultimately, Hinckley was found not guilty by reasons of insanity and spent 35 years in a psychiatric hospital. According to the Daily Mail, he was later diagnosed with narcissistic and schizoid personality disorders. Hinckley was released from the hospital in 2016 and his restrictions were lessened, with all restrictions to be relieved in June 2022. Source


6 thoughts on “The Epitome of Despicable Reckless Lawlessness: Reagan Shooter John Hinckley to Perform at Sold Out NY Show

  1. julieg777

    Who on earth would buy tickets to his show? I cannot believe it is sold out. What is wrong with people??!!

  2. SandraDee

    No, Geri, it is not shocking. I have believed for some time that there are demonic forces in human form behind these mass shootings and the shooters. Even the murder of the American sniper, Chris Kyle and his friend, struck me as a revenge killing, using a mentally ill veteran. With hinckley, it’s in our faces, is it not? “We are going to celebrate the man who attempted to murder your beloved President.” Is it not a picture of the future tribulation when the 2 witnesses are killed for all to see and the world rejoices? God bless you, my sister. Come, Lord Jesus.

  3. saintsnotaints

    Maybe biden can make him gun seizure czar. He fits this govt. Few realize that the hinckleys are very close in friendship with the poppy bush clan. Ive always suspected this lone mentally disturbed, then a lad, was supposed to kill reagan so poppy would become potus, and it was not in their plan that hinckly lived but it happened. That gun shot still set off reagans altzheimers eatly and after 18 month in office poppy really ran the show.reagan due to acting ability could still give a good speech but not more than that.
    Hinckley using his assasins bullet to generate music fans is sickening.

  4. LV McGraw

    Perfectly degusting. He needs to be locked up instead of receiving adulation. The people attending are just as sick as he is.

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